The College's reputation among High Desert residents will be that of a quality institution of higher education.

The images appearing below are "word clouds," a visual representation of comments gathered during focused discussions from the constituency groups indicated. The relative size of the word indicates how frequently the word was used. It is offered on this initial scorecard as qualitative evidence of our starting point and, therefore, a basis for ample discussions about our current image and the opportunities for improvement that exist.



What do community perceptions say about our image?*

Community perceptions word cloud

*From community focus groups conducted during development of Educational Master Plan 2012. For details, click here.



What do student perceptions say about our image?**

Student perceptions word cloud

**Results from Student Campus Climate, Part 1 administered Fall 2013 term.



What do employee perceptions say about our image?***

Employee perceptions word cloud

***For detailed information about past Campus Climate surveys, click here.