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Student Showcase

Faculty - Submit an item to the Student Showcase here... (Requires Sharepoint login)

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Name Category Title/Link
Amanda Mendoza Literary Arts Morning's Light - Fiction
Mark Weller Industrial Technologies Automotive A/C Prop
Bryan Carbonell Literary Arts Mockingbird - Poetry
Erika Resendiz Literary Arts Who Cares? - Non-Fiction
Laura Fierro Literary Arts Just Dessert - Fiction
Lauren Forbes Literary Arts There is Nothing Little About Women... - Non-Fiction
Leontine Armstrong Literary Arts Flurries - Poetry
Mariah Woods Literary Arts Falling - Poetry
Rebecca Parra Literary Arts I'm So Heavy - Non-Fiction
Rebekah Koontz Literary Arts Forever and Always - Fiction
Sarah Kindred Literary Arts Stressed Wood - Poetry
Leontine Armstrong Literary Arts Hurt - Poetry
Sarah Peterson Literary Arts The White Rose - Fiction
Sonja Voight Literary Arts Swimming Lesson - Non-Fiction
Wyatt Reese Literary Arts What Now? - Poetry


Last Updated 1/29/19