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Board Goals

District Goals (BP 1200 Updated August 2012)

  1. Fiscal Stability: The College’s financial resources will remain sufficient to support quality programs and services, and the ongoing improvement of all college operations.

  2. Student Success: The College’s Courses, programs, and support services advance student success.

  3. Accreditation Recommendations: All recommendations from the ACCJC will be fully addressed to reaffirm and maintain the College’s accreditation status.

  4. Image: The College’s reputation among High Desert residents will be that of a quality institution of higher education.


For the Board’s Consideration (Distinguished from the District Goals)

Board of Trustees Goals (That support the Districts Goals)

  1. Image: Ensure Community and College Connectivity

    • Support and attend various community events.

    • Attend various college activities and events.

    • Have a Trustee Talk (Elevator Speech) prepared to tell our story.

  2. Student Success: Improve awareness of college’s academic programs and the practical needs to support student success.

    • Monitor the College’s Student Success Scorecard and other indicators of success.

    • Receive, review and make recommendations that support the District’s Goals.

    • Support the initiatives that the College has adopted to enhance student success.

      • Student Equity

      • Career and Vocational Pathways

      • Tutoring Services

  3. Accreditation Recommendations: Understand the expectations of the ACCJC.

    • Complete the ACCJC online Accreditation Basics Course.

    • Assist in generating resources needed to sustain and improve the institution.

    • Periodically, self-assess the Board in meeting its goals.

    • Advocate for and, when necessary defend the institution.

  4. Fiscal Stability: Serve as stewards of the institutional resources ensuring that these resources are used wisely, prudently and in the best interest of the institution.

    • Remain objective, responsible and efficient in making budget decisions.

      • Ensure the budget is consistent with adopted goals and the Education Master Plan.

      • Regularly compare financial activity with the budget.

      • Set long-range financial goals and work with the Superintendent/President to identify funding strategies to achieve them.

      • Adopt and update policies that help ensure resources are protected.


Board Reviewed/Approved 01/10/2017


Last Updated 1/25/18