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2012-13 Recipients

September 2012 - Derek Castillo

Mission Crest Elementary School

Mr. Castillo has gone above and beyond in reaching out to our grandson in his battle against cancer. He and his wife have personally supported him with visits and gifts, and he ran in the Relay for Life. Mr. Castillo and his wife have driven to Loma Linda hospital to visit our grandson several times. They have had the class all write letters hoping that he gets better. I know all the kids just love him as a teacher. I think Mr. & Mrs. Castillo are two of the most caring teachers I have ever met.

October 2012 - Debra Lynn Watson

Brentwood School of Business and Leadership

Mrs. Watson is a 27 year veteran teacher. She also serves as a mentor to new teachers. Her easy going manner and wonderful demeanor make her one of the most engaging people you'll ever meet. For students that need additional assistance she provided meaningful resources for parents, buddy support from other students, 1 on 1 and small group instruction. Mrs. Watson is very organized and has a positive reputation on campus.

November 2012 - Wanda Lambdin

Sultana High School

Mrs. Lambdin is a hero because she shows her students many different aspects of herself. She shows us that we can do anything we want to if we just put our minds to it. She pushes us with encouraging words that make us want to do fantastic. She also lets us express ourselves because she believes that we need to do that. She also allows us to be as creative as we need to be in her class. Mrs. Lambdin is there for us if we need to talk to her or if we need a helping hand. We can trust her and she trusts us.

December 2012 - Greg Pasqau

Apple Valley High School

Mr. Pasqua is a great teacher because he encourages his students every day to achieve their highest goals in education and gets to know his students on personal levels, showing that he truly cares about the well-being of his students both inside and outside of his classroom. Mr. Pasqua is one of those teachers that make class fun, but also educational. Apple Valley High School is a better school because of many teachers like Mr. Pasqua that encourage students to achieve the best they can, and reach for the stars. He encourages students to be the best they can be and motivates them to work as hard as they possibly can. If only all teachers were as wonderful, motivating, and determined as Mr. Pasqua!

January 2013 - Karen Rampley

Sitting Bull Middle School

Mrs. Rampley works very hard to push her students above and beyond the usual requirements. Her students adore her. Her students exceed expectations due to her unique teaching methods and hands on learning. She is an amazing teacher who deserves to be recognized. She does a fantastic job relating to the students and approaches them at their level. She is able to accommodate special needs without "blinking an eye". She is incredibly energetic. She is adored by all her students and she is able to maximize their learning by being very creative and respectful of the students as human beings.

February 2013 - Cheri Glisson

Excelsior Charter School

My teacher is a hero because she is like a mother to me. She always makes the class fun to learn. We have a class of 60 kids and she makes us all feel like family. She treats us all equally and I couldn't ask for a better teacher! We all look forward for Wednesdays and Fridays every week to come see our teacher! I have never seen a teacher put more time and effort into her classes for her kids. She cares about each and every one of the kids in her class and is always thinking about them.

March 2013 - Jeri Carr

Eucalyptus Elementary School

Ms. Carr is an absolutely fantastic teacher. She has a genuine love of her students and job. She works diligently before school, after school and on weekends to prepare for the time the students are with her. She tutors during the summers (for free) and is always willing to make home visits to teach parents how to help their children in the comfort of their homes. During the school year, Ms. Carr runs a tutoring program for the struggling kindergarteners out of the kindness of her heart.

April 2013 - Ken Price

Hesperia Jr. High School

Mr. Price put in so many extra hour helping kids learn their music. He is a very patient man, never ever yells. The kids are great musicians after having him for a teacher. He is the very best teacher and person. He is always in the band room helping kids with extra lessons, on his time. His wife comes to get him sometimes because time is not an issue to him, learning is. Mr. Price is a hero because of his dedication to his students and his unrelenting commitment to the music programs.

May 2013 - John Gonzalez

High Desert Premier Academy

Let me introduce you to your next teacher hero "John Gonzalez". Mr. Gonzalez has done an amazing job with these kids, and truly deserves to be recognized as the hero he is to these children, staff members, parents and our community. Opportunity is a class for kids who have gotten in trouble in regular school. John teaches them how to show respect and to respect themselves. Many of his students are way behind in reading and math skills and he endeavors to bring their skill levels up to High School level so that the pride they learn makes them successful not only in High School, but in life itself.