May 25, 2019
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De La Torre, Moran victorious

of the candidates to shape who she voted for. "I think that every vote counts and one extra vote can make a big difference," Morales said.
     Sarah Harrington, who didn't vote, expressed misgivings about the publicity of the events. "There were about 10,000 posters with candidates' names on them, but one or two about the election itself. I can't vote if I don't know anything about the people who are running," said Harrington.
     On why some candidates went unopposed in the election, Carlos Morales offered his opinion that "No one has any confidence winning against the people who are already in office."
     Many students complained about the way the election was handled and publicized. Rucaj said, "People are very intimidated by ASB. Maybe it's the rudeness of certain people in ASB or just the fact that there isn't enough publicity going around."
     Antonia Ruiz said, "The only time you see ASB is when they're trying to get you to sign something. I definitely think there needs to be more public relations work during elections and throughout the year."

Messiah shines down on VVC

     It was written in chorale oratorio before the form was popular. Handel wrote the 260-page performance in 24 days, hardly stopping to eat or sleep. It includes the well-known Hallelujah Chorus.
     Dr. Manji led the chorale, which is made up of 62 voices. Dr. Miller conducted 22 instruments including violin, viola, cello, bass, oboe, bassoon, trumpet, tympani and continuo.
     The soloists included Linda Price and Linda Kjeldgaard as sopranos, Linda Darwin-Ladage as mezzo, Timothy Gonzales as tenor, and Bill Collins and Mike Smith as baritones.
     The beginning symphony orchestra is

composed of people from ages 8 to 80. Robert Pendergrass and his two sons, Ben and Sam, both play in the orchestra.
     "Music education is good for discipline and self-esteem, and it's a good hobby," said Pendergrass. "It's a good thing, considering that we live in a video game and computer game world." Pendergrass is a fifth grade teacher and homeschools his two sons.
     The performance was "excellent," according to Raymond Martin, who has seen the Messiah three times and has performed it himself. He came from Rancho Cucamonga to see his longtime friend Pete Caliero, who performed as a tenor in the chorale.

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