December 14, 2018
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RamPage Victor Valley College

February 2001                                                 Volume 11 Issue 1                                                         Page 2

Dear Editor,
     I read with some interest the article in the December 2000 RamPage about the men's soccer team that will start in August 2001. However, I must take exception to the statement in the article about "this is going to be the first men's soccer team here at VVC in its 40 years of existence." This is not completely correct.
     In the late 1960's, VVC had a men's soccer team that was very good and competed with soccer teams from some of the biggest 4-year schools in the state of California. The main reason the team was so exceptional was the presence on the team of an exchange student from, I believe, Ecuador, who led the VVC team to some exciting victories over opponents from much larger schools. In 1967, if I remember correctly, the VVC soccer team went to the state championships. They lost,

Heard  Around The Lake

"How has the power situation affected you?"
Story and Photos by Jackie Sauer

"I think it sucks and I don't like how we have to be in the cold."

--Amy Beck

"The prices are a bit higher, but I can still get along."

--Joe Kidd

"My mom works for Edison, so it's put a strain on the family."

--Christina Laliberte

"I've been economically crunched. It's killing me financially. I'm tired of all the finger pointing at  Edison and the State."

--Sandy Latner

"It has quadrupled my gas bill. I was paying $23 to $30 a month and now I'm paying about $116 a month."

--Ruth McWilliams

"It affected me during the Fall 2000 semester because the power went out."
--Gregory Fromm, Instructor

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