December 14, 2018
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February 2001                                                 Volume 11 Issue 1                                                        Page 4

More: power shortages prevent learning

     California only generates 75 percent of its own power and has to purchase the other 25 percent from out of state. "California is selling our power out-of-state for a bigger profit," said Garcia. Utility bills will increase the cost of operating the college. SCE gives VVC 20,000 volts, the central plant substation produces 12,000 volts, and redistributes it through transformers reduced to 4,160 volts, which is 480 volts to individual buildings. The college may purchase a generator for shutdowns or emergencies.
     The maintenance staff is trying to conserve energy by reducing lighting, and making lighting and heating more energy efficient. Along with the lighting, heating and air conditioning, maintenance has installed energy-efficient parking lot lights, and interior lighting throughout the campus.
     The energy crisis has required that in certain instances, the college is forced to shut down completely.  This causes students to do without classes, and it costs the college more money to remain open during times when it might otherwise have been closed. "Decisions have to be made in the best interest of the school, so the college has

chosen to pay penalties," according to Robert Sewell, Director of Auxiliary Services.
     In an effort to conserve energy, heat has been turned off, and the campus has closed early a number of days. "Indications are, we are not out of the woods yet. There may still be some type of rolling brownout that may cause us to conserve a little more, or shut down. The college has tried to comply wherever possible," said Sewell.
     The power shortage "has caused greater awareness of the need to conserve electricity, and to reduce the fiscal impact that we might not otherwise have anticipated," said Sewell.
     "Security and maintenance have done a good job ensuring the safety of students and employees through this crisis, and should be commended. The energy costs will not affect tuition or parking because those rates are determined by higher education codes, and it should not affect the price of books," said Sewell.

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