July 6, 2020
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March 9, 2001                                                 Volume 11 Issue 2                                                           Page 2

Local author, C-SPAN visit VVC

  Story and Photo by Kris Reilly
Assistant Editor In Chief

     On February 27, the Victor Valley College library conference room hosted a taping of the C-SPAN television program Book Notes, which featured local author Daniel B. Jeffs.
     Jeffs gave a lecture and then fielded questions from a few of the 30 to 40 political science and history students in attendance.
     The lecture focused on Jeffs' book,
America's Crisis: The Direct Democracy and Direct Education Solution. The book proposes a constitutional amendment that would effectively make the United States a direct democracy.
     Under Jeffs' proposed system, every

eligible voter would be given the capability to vote on the Internet. Citizens would not only elect officials, but also vote on taxation and major public policy issues.
     Jeffs also believes that all public offices should be nonpartisan. He says this would eliminate the monopoly that the country's two major political parties have on the presidency and all other public offices.
     "Parties would still exist, and they have to exist," said Jeffs during the lecture. "But they wouldn't control elections the way they do now."
     Jeffs' presentation lasted about 30 minutes, and the question and answer session lasted about 45 minutes. Students' questions focused mainly on how the system would be implemented

Heard  Around The Lake

"From the Editor's Desk"

--With all the classes being cancelled due to electricity, how will VVC account for lost hours?
--Parking is interesting--I know you can find parking on lower campus, but is it worth the price that we are paying? Maybe two levels of parking prices should be administered--lower parking and upper parking prices.
--Textbook prices are still questionable. I understand the store's position of charging what they are charged, so maybe we need to start a writing campaign aimed at the publishers. I guess affordable tuition must have a catch.
--You know it's amazing when a senior staff stays together for two years in a community college. It's more for the love of the paper and the job than it is for the grade. This shows you that there's something to be said for our paper.
--ASB should be commended for their continued service to the students. They work with all facets of VVC, including the RamPage, to help VVC students.
--What does it take to be a teacher? Do they get the respect they deserve? One day, go to the teachers of VVC and say "thank you." It's not for the money that they're here. It's to help you, the students, learn the subjects they are teaching.
--Check out the RamPage website at
www.vvc.edu/RamPage and send  letters to the editor and suggestions to VVCRamPage@hotmail.com.

--By Bill Zamboni, Editor Emeritus

"What do you think of the diverse age groups of students at Victor Valley College?"
Story and Photos by Jackie Sauer
News Editor

"Everyone needs an education higher than high school."
--Nathan Winningham

"More power to everybody who wants to go to college. The old, the young, everybody needs an education." --Jeremy Casey

"I think it's fine that all people can come to learn. As far as junior high students coming to college, I think it might be better for them to interact with kids their own age."
-- Rianna Bigham

"I think it blends well. To have everybody come together is something the world needs more of."
--D.J. Macan

"I think it's awesome. It gives us a good variety so we can learn from each other." --Sarah Bond

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