December 14, 2018
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RamPage Victor Valley College
Aug. 26, 2002                                                Volume 14 Issue 1                                                            Page 3

One union, undivided: the pro-CTA viewpoint   

Guest editorial: counterpoint

Part-time faculty want a vote! The pro-AFT view

governed by the people, for the people--in harmony and unity at every social level--to give service. However, when one segment of the organization decides to rule instead of serve, it becomes a dictatorship--manipulating the majority, causing disempowerment of the majority, and resulting in servitude by the majority (Gardner, L., 1997, Origins of the Blood Line, Bloodline of the Holy Grail, pp. 4-5, New York, Barnes & Noble).
     By law, the Board is obligated to give faculty members a voice in determining policies that affect them, and the administration is obligated to carry out those policies. Also by law, the administration is obligated to ensure that all segments of the faculty who wish to be heard be allowed to vote on the bargaining unit they want as their representative. As it stands right now, part-time faculty have no way to address the administration or

the Board, and they have not been allowed to vote on a bargaining unit--they have been disenfranchised.
     In the end, those part-time faculty who feel they are going to wait around to see what happens or don't want to get involved right now are in a lose-lose situation. We have a window of opportunity to gain a voice and a choice now, and if not taken advantage of "now" will be lost. If we do not stand up and be heard, we will all be obliged to sit on the sidelines--ruled by a minority.
     Those part-time faculty who would like to become proactive can reach us at
Arlene Iftiger, B.A. Communications, M.A. Education, has been  in vocational education at VVC for 12 years.
     Editor's note: Both editorials were submitted to the RamPage in May. The issue is now being handled through legal channels; the RamPage will cover this controversy in the future.

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