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RamPage Victor Valley College
March 21, 2002                                                Volume 13 Issue 5                                                            Page 4

Another side of the Halisky story

     A Letter to the Daily Press and the RamPage from Victor Valley College Faculty Association Executive Committee

     This organization represents the faculty at Victor Valley College. We would like to respond to, and expand upon, assertions made by some members of the community and a member of the Board of Trustees of this Institution, regarding the termination of Mr. Halisky from his role as President and his return to the College. However, we would like to point out that the term of Mr. Halisky as President was not as "picture perfect" as we are led to believe by your various contributors. Mr. Halisky's management style at Victor Valley College was extremely unilateral. While Mr. Halisky was President he" manipulated" the board of Trustees to vote his way on almost every issue. At every Board meeting he would sit next to the Board President to guide her through the agenda. At Board meetings, Mr. Henderson was almost always overruled no matter what the facts were about any particular topic. Mr. Henderson spent four very frustrating years trying to bring college problems to the attention of the Board of Trustees only to be ignored by the Halisky consortium on the Board. As soon as he had "engineered" his promotion to President (without consultation with any College constituency) Mr. Halisky created a position for his wife at an exorbitant salary while ignoring the most fundamental rules regarding nepotism. He ignored important faculty issues citing procedural reasons why simple grievances could not be resolved. He created significant hostility among the classified employees. Further, a provision of California State law, AB 1725 requires that all participants in community college decision making act "collegially". Mr. Halisky consistently paid only lip service to the collegial process.
     We, the faculty, want the community to know that the College is in great shape since Mr. Halisky left. The interim President, Dr. Fay Freeman, has done an outstanding job in managing the affairs of the College for the past 2 months of the spring semester. The College is not in any danger, students are being served, classes are being held, the College is servicing the community, graduation will take place as scheduled, students will receive their degrees and will go forth into the worked to take their place in society.
     This institution is more than one or two people. This Institution consists of 137 full-time and over 300 part time faculty, 42 management employees, as well as over 200 classified employees, who have seen a significant improvement in working conditions since the semester started. The lines of honest and truthful communication have been opened and encouraged. The bargaining committee has been able to work with the administration to negotiate a fair and reasonable contract. For the very first time, the part-time faculty has been granted recognition by the Board of Trustees in the Faculty Association Contract.

     The opinion of this executive committee of the Victor Valley College faculty association is that there is a time for everything, and now is the right time for a change. We are ready, willing and able to embrace whomever is selected as the next President and will work diligently with the present interim President to ensure that students receive the best possible education that a community college can provide. This is, and will continue to be, the best community college in California, and no member of the Board of Trustees or the public should think otherwise.
--The Victor Valley College Faculty Association Executive Committee: Gary Menser, President; Debra Blanchard, Vice-President; Juanita Chou, Secretary; Allan Kumlin, Past-President; Peter Allan, Treasurer.

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