January 23, 2019
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told to go to a community college during summer school to make up the deficit, but the community colleges are forced to cut summer school classes when funds are tight.   
     As far as funding goes, the community colleges are at the bottom of the heap;  K-12,  $6,100 per Average Daily Attendance; community college,  $4,800 per Full Time Equivalent (24 units per academic year); CSU,  $10,800  per FTE; UC,  $16,200 per FTE.
     One can see from the above figures that the state's estimate of the value of an associates degree is worth about three-fourths of the value of kindergarten and first grade.
     Actually, the situation is more dire for the community colleges than the above figures reflect. If one is a high school graduate and wishes to attend Victor Valley College, VVC must accept him. Similarly, one who is older than 18 years old and has been out of school for more than a year cannot be excluded.
     When we limit the VVC budget and we cannot by law limit the number of

students, we must cut programs to cut costs.
     Governor Davis proposed raising the student fees from $11 per unit to $24 per unit. This might be a reasonable request if and only if the student fees collected were retained by the community college in addition to the present $4,800 per FTE. This would help the college defray costs of the additional remedial classes, which will be needed when the CSU and UC cut remedial classes and will allow VVC to offer some of these classes during summer school.
     If Victor Valley is to serve the community in the high desert, and serve the needs of students bound for the University of California and the State Universities, then we must have summer school available at least in areas that most often need remediation.
     The student costs per unit at community colleges have not changed in a number of years. Given the tremendous job the community colleges are doing it is only fair that community colleges retain the student fees for their needs.

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