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me the chance to get my education, just as it's done for tens of thousands of other veterans through the years," said Foxworthy.
     Foxworthy has two co-workers who fill in for him when he's not available, Diane Chapman, who was the previous veteran representative and Jim Murray the first back up.
     "Preparation is the key. Do your research. For instance, get the school's catalog and read it cover to cover. Get on the web and educate yourself on the school, financial aid, etc. Talk to the experts. The information is out there," said Foxworthy.
     For any questions regarding the GI Bill or financial aid, call (760) 245-4271 extension 2256 or  fax (760) 843-7707 or e-mail

Important campus news and notes

-- This spring, Victor Valley College will not have a class wait list. Under the new system, classes will open and close all during the registration process. If a student drops from a closed class,  then that class will again be opened, and it is up to students wishing to gain entrance into classes to keep checking regularly on a class's status. Class enrollment can be checked by logging onto the VVC website at
  -- On Feb. 7, The Women's Conference, sponsored by the American Association of University Women, will be held at VVC, with registration starting at 8:30 a.m. in

the Student Activities Center. Tickets for the general public are $20, $15 for students and seniors. The ticket price includes lunch and a talk by two keynote speakers in the Performing Arts Center beginning at 1:30 p.m.
     Susan Hagen and Mary Carouba, the keynote speakers, wrote a book, "Women at Ground Zero," compiled from the stories of 30 women who helped clean up after the destruction of the World Trade Center towers. They wrote the book to ensure  these women would not be overlooked and to show future generations that not only men can take on heroic tasks. For tickets, call 947-4197.
-- The preliminary hearing

for former Superintendent Nicholas Halisky, former Vice President of Student Learning Ron Krimper and local businesswoman Lynn Puckett, all accused of embezzling public funds in connection with VVC's Community Partnership Program, has been postponed from Nov. 18 to Dec. 11
-- Beginning with the Spring 2004 Semester, VVC's directory will include an extension for Spanish speakers.  In addition, a feature will be added to VVC's main number, which will give Spanish speakers greetings and information in their language. In the Fall 2004 Semester schedule, information about ESL classes will be printed in