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League first team. Ellis led the league in scoring with 7 goals and 6 assists.
      Other  players to finish the season with recognition are Beto Morales, Jon Barmer and Josh Neylon who made second-team All-League.     
     Although this year's team did not do as well as anticipated, the men's program is looking forward to next year in preparation for another championship team.  With a new head coach coming in, the Rams are looking to begin a new tradition of championships.
     "If we work as a team and get on the same page we have a chance," Murphy said.

No new mid-year budget cuts at VVC

going to suck for me. I work two part-time jobs, and I pay cash for my courses."
     Mark Wilson, a full-time first-semester student, said, "I can barely pay for $18 per unit." He said he had already paid this semester, but if the fees go up next year, he would have to look into applying for financial aid.
     Aleshia Hughes, a second-semester student, and Vanessa Hernandez, a fourth-semester student, are both trying to pay for college on their own. They said if a fee increase occurs, their parents could help.
     "I would have to reduce number of classes," said second-semester student Johan Mohe-Yusof.
     Jesus Romero, who is from Mexico and has been in the U.S. for almost four years, said he might have to decrease classes because he can't apply for financial aid.
     Several others interviewed were already receiving financial aid.