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RamPage Victor Valley College                    Oct.  22, 2004 Page 3

Counselor's Corner

--Get connected with novel groups.
--Open up doors and possibilities
--Gain access to a variety of areas of knowledge. Voice your own opinions and ideas (your idea may benefit multitudes). 
--Explore and discover.
--Make the whole college experience much more exciting and meaningful.
--Support ASB, students, clubs and VVC.
--Let people know who you are. Share with others who have similar interests and motivations.
--The opportunity to attend events organized by members throughout the clubs during the year.
--Learn more information about our school, community, and the things that matter to us.
--Develop and learn leader

ship skills.
--Have a great fun
--Free membership!
--Looks good on your resume!!
Much More!!!
     Now, you may have another question: "I am not interested in any of the clubs on campus?"  YOU can form a new one that YOU are interested in!  Act now; time doesn't wait for us.  For more information or assistance, please come to the ASB office or email Lidia Maylath (Inter Club Senator of 2004-2005).   
     Join One, Form One, Improve One! By the way, ICC is looking for the officers for the Single Parent Club because there are more than 25 percent single parent students on campus.  If you are a single parent and are interested in being involved, please talk to me (245-4271-2331).