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The Art Club

Students who attend this college run the Art Club (A.I.M.) of Victor Valley College.
Our main set of club goals is to bring the concept of artistic expression to a height of visual constancy on campus. This is achieved under the tutelage of many influences, students, faculty, administration and later some off- campus people.
     The art club hopes to expose and change the false perception that students cannot be artistically inclined.
     The art club furthers the cause of art by increasing awareness and promoting art exhibits, art field trips, art history, art displays on the campus proper and the concept that artistic or aesthetics can bring enrichment to the soul of human experience in higher education. 

We of the art club have discussed with Rambassadors the idea of reaching out into our communities to high school students to know that if they come to our college they can show their aesthetics in semester exhibits, get involved in Tech X, and meet the Pixar people for future careers.

people, or lend a hand in a variety of events that help cultural awareness and the community at large. You can also be a big brother/sister to our partner club, at Silverado High School.  We have many fun and exciting members, events, activities and programs. We as a club seek to promote an increase in cultural awareness, diversity, education and community service throughout Victor Valley College and the community, and to establish a sense of identity within ourselves and in our respective cultures.
     The club provides a positive atmosphere for students, regardless of background, to learn about the Asian Pacific Islander cultures and other cultures as well. The organization shall give students the opportunity to practice their interpersonal, social, and leadership skills in a variety of situations. This will be an exciting year for all of us because it's our first year being chartered at Victor Valley College. This year's leaders are Henry Yong (Adviser)and Grace Sihotang (President). Watch out for our upcoming events this month; we will be all over campus! If you're interested in joining us, please send an email to You may also drop us a message in our letterbox, located in the ASB office. We're excited to meet you!

goal is to provide a support system for adults by adults who are returning to the educational arena.  Through this club, members will also learn techniques that will develop their inner strength and promote self-esteem.
     A.W.A.R.E. plans on meeting once a month with dates to be announced.  This will give its members an opportunity to plan activities and bring to the table any issues or concerns that may be of value to its members.  A.W.A.R.E. is open to all VVC students.
     A.W.A.R.E. has the following adviser and president in place: Club Adviser Peggy Nunez, President Allyson Jefferson If you or someone you know may be interested in attending a meeting or interested in becoming a member please contact Marika Dobos, secretary, for meeting dates and times, at 951-7791.
    A.W.A.R.E is looking forward to a very exciting year, and this can only happen with the support of students like you.

the American Cancer Society and people who work for some of the park services or other fields of science. 
     The Biology Club's field trips in the past have included San Onofre Beach, Mitchell Caverns, Death Valley and Catalina.  The club intends to participate in fundraisers such as ASB-sponsored events and our own to raise money for the club and to do at least one fundraiser for charity.  The Biology Club also has a goal to do something for the campus. This may include but is not limited to beautifying the campus. The Bio Club adviser is Pamela MacKay the club president is Paul Lawrence.  The Biology Club meets two Thursdays a month announcements for time and location will be made before the meetings.  For any questions; please call 247-7661 or drop by SL-11 Monday to Thursday 11 a.m to noon. 

--Science is finding the extraordinary in the ordinary
Sir Isaac Newton

Black Student Union

     In conjunction with the Victor Valley College mission statement, The Black Student Union will be a voice that represents the desires, needs, and concerns of the African descent student population in the High Desert.
     The intent brings about multicultural awareness and the viability of inclusiveness for all people. With the cooperation of our high desert community and its entities such as our local govern

Biology Club

     The Biology Club is on campus to give students who are biology majors or students who are just interested in science the opportunity to expand those interests. 
     Science has endless opportunities, and the club is there to take advantage of those opportunities. The club will have guest lecturers, field trips and general meetings to explore the world of biology.  The lecturers may include an oncologist from

Asian Pacific Islander

     Do you feel like something is missing? Does it seem like the same routine in school? Are you lacking in the social network department? Why not add a dose of pure exciting Asian Pacific Islander vibe in your routine life?
     Meet new fun friendly


     Welcome to the newest club at Victor Valley College.  We are A.W.A.R.E. meaning Adults Who Are Reentering Education.  Our