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Former employee may return after being fired

president of VVC, and Lois Kobz, then human resources director, were also put on leave because of concerns about the incident. After the VVC Board of Trustees voted 3 to 2, the two Haliskys and Kobz were removed from their positions in February 2002.
     In March 1999, a student worker told   Kobz and Cathy Halisky that he and a college employee had been using illegal drugs that were kept in the employee's office.
     Following the allegation,

Mrs. Halisky and Kobz searched the employee's office and found cocaine. However, following an investigation, the VVC employee was cleared of any wrongdoing .
     The reason for removing  Mrs. Halisky was "mishandling  potential contraband found on an employee."
     Nearly three years after firing her and more than five years after the initial incident, the VVC Board offered Mrs. Halisky her original job back in an unanimous vote

on Sept. 27.
      "The board voted following recommendations of an administrative hearing officer" said Bill Greulich, VVC's public information officer. The hearing officer ruled in August that the board had had no justification to fire Mrs. Halisky.
     The board ordered the reinstatement effective Nov. 1. The board also voted to have the hearing officer determine whether VVC must give Mrs. Halisky retroactive pay back to February 2002.   

Winter intersession, other topics addressed at meeting

erage classroom size for community colleges is 35, but at VVC it averages in the 20's.
     She said that at some point a decision will have to be made to spend less on instruction if the college wants the money to pay for other needs.
     VVC's classroom space is also being under utilized, Spencer said. Especially in the afternoons, a lot of classrooms are empty. She explained that the state has a formula, which indicates how efficiently colleges are using their classroom space. Spencer said that applying this formula to VVC has shown that the college is under utilizing its facilities.

     She said that, at present, a committee is conducting a feasibility study analyzing the match between scheduling and classroom size. The college can apply the study's outcome to better use classrooms to increase student access. The study should be completed by January.
     Spencer also answered a question about the 6 percent forecasted growth for the college. She said that she has known colleges that have had money taken away from them at the end of a fiscal year if they have not achieved their forecasted growth. Therefore, VVC has to keep money in reserve in case the forecasted growth is not achieved.