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RamPage Victor Valley College                    Oct.  08, 2004 Page 3

Counselor's Corner

and meeting faculty from various majors.  For more information, check out the campus web sites.  Go to to access campus sites and their on-line catalogs. 
     Many campuses now offer potential transfer students the ability to create their own student page for updates on campus events, new majors and so on.  The more you know about the various colleges available to you based on your goals, the better choices you will make.
     Here's some advice for all VVC students:
Get to know your VVC instructors/professors by seeing them during their office hours.  Let them know of any challenges you are experiencing

VVC remembers fallen friend

     Many donations have been made honoring Sooter. VVC instructor Carmen Teal is creating a painting of Sooter that will be permanently housed in the library, and Fran Elgin made a donation that was recognized with a  plaque that has been placed in the entrance of the library.
     VVC student Eric Taylor said about Sooter:
     "The library is a valuable resource for many students at VVC, and so are the librarians. It was always nice to walk into the library and see Joe Ann's smile. She would provide all the help she could give. Whenever there was a movie I wanted to check out, she would offer her humble opinion on it. She made the library a pleasant place on the worst of days. We will miss you, Joe Ann."