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hiring of adjunct faculty and manages the distribution of Federal Perkins Grant (FPG) to VVC's programs. The FPG is money from Washington D.C. to be distributed among the 109 college campuses in California for their vocational programs. 
    There will be many innovations to the department, including identifying careers available in the community that VVC doesn't yet have the training for but should. Suggested programs include transportation and aircraft mechanics. Parisi says the department's goal is to find living-wage jobs for students so they can work more profitably in the high desert. 
     If there is one thing Parisi would like students and faculty to know about him, it is that he is "a real believer in vocational education and what we (as a collective team) can do to enhance the lives of students."
     He would also like VVC to know that although some people might think of lower campus as less desirable than upper campus, good things happen there, and he is very glad to be working with such wonderful students, faculty

and administration.
     Another recent addition to the campus is Dr. Vern Hodge, who joined VVC on Sept. 15 to take over for Sandra Clark, who retired earlier this year.
     Hodge, a consultant for community colleges, was asked by Human Resources to join VVC temporarily as Director of Financial Aid and Admissions and Records until the department can find two new directors to take over.  One person will direct the Financial Aid Department, and the other will take over the Admission and Records Department.  Hodge will assist in the training of these new directors (who soon will be recruited) over the next three months.
    Consulting was not Hodge's first choice for a career. Wanting to be a journalist, he earned his A.A degree from Golden West Community College and his B.A from Cal State Fullerton. Wanting more, he earned his M.S in counseling and psychology from Cal State Fullerton and an Ed.D. from the University of Southern California.
    Hodge then joined the

Students look into the future at VVC college fair

local schools such as Azusa Pacific and University of La Verne. Out-of-state schools such as Arizona and Montana State were there too. Army and Navy recruiters also attended.
     Patricia Montgomery, a student development specialist from VVC's transfer center organized the fair. Her goal was to inform students and give them advice in establishing their careers.

     Students got a chance to look at future options at Victor Valley College's college fair that went from 3 to 6
p.m. Sept. 30 inside the Student Activities Center. Representatives from 32 schools, including four-year colleges, answered questions posed by interested students. Most schools that attended were