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RamPage � Victor Valley College                           April  23, 2004 � Page 3

dressed, and they answered specific questions on the details of those issues and how best to present them to the legislators. While not an ASACC priority, the issue of high textbook pricing became a major issue during these discussions.
     Former presidential candidate and former U.S. Senator Bob Dole spoke to the students the second day of the conference.  Dole began the session with humor, making jokes about his Viagra commercials, Monica Lewinsky and Linda Tripp. He then went into a question-and-answer period. 
     One question dealt with the role he thought government should play in college education. Dole looked optimistically into the future. "Someday we'll have a universal post-secondary system.  It will be just like high school and grade school -- you'll just keep advancing

through grades,"  he said.
     As with other sessions, textbook pricing was brought up here as well.  Dole used this as an opportunity to teach about leadership. "I don't know much about that particular issue. What you need, to make changes, is organization. However, sometimes you have to quit looking at others and start looking at yourself." He went on to talk about how he had met someone who had organized fundraising in order to get school desks to children in Iraq.
     The VVC students also conducted a workshop on goal setting titled "Ready, Set, Goal!" Here they discussed the process the ASB Council went through at the summer retreat to determine the goals they wished to accomplish throughout the following year, with emphasis on how to make sure everyone on the council had an

equal voice in the process.
     VVC student Blanca Gomez, who was elected to the position of California's Student Association of Community Colleges senator for the 2004-2005 school year, went to the conference as a student-at-large. Not knowing what exactly was going to happen on the trip, Gomez nevertheless tried to keep a positive attitude.
      "I was going in blind, but I was going to represent the students," Gomez said.
     "There was a lot of information given about how to help our students, low income and middle classes," she added.
     "It was a good idea to bring Blanca," Ki said. "She contributed greatly and took a lot of time studying up on the issues. She was a great asset."
James Criswell attended the Washington trip as a member of the ASB Council.

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ways see eye to eye. 
     The weeklong competition was intense, especially for the first-timers on the team. Although not always allies, the VVC students remained supportive of each other.
     The first day of the competition mainly focused on setting the agenda order.  The competition came to a head on the last two days of the conference, "meltdown Thursday" and Friday. Thursday's session lasted  from 8:30 a.m. to  11:30 p.m.
      Throughout the week, the delegates would speak and caucus in order to bring forth potential resolutions
      The VVC team  worked with like-minded states and

even different-minded states in order to get a "working paper" submitted to the dais  (the governing body for the committee). If accepted, the paper would  become a "draft resolution" and  be put up for vote by the whole committee. These papers contained possible resolutions for the topic discussed.  If passed in the committee, it then went before the General Assembly Plenary for a final vote.
      On Friday, the committees went to voting block to decide which "draft resolutions" would become actual resolutions submitted for approval by the General Assembly Plenary
     Voting took place on Saturday in the actual "GA Plen

Hall" at the UN building, and the Model UN delegates sat in the same places occupied by the actual countries.
      The length of the voting process depended on the number of requests for dividing out parts of resolutions and for roll calls. Attempts at division routinely failed. Although most resolutions in the actual GA pass by acclamation (passing a resolution without a vote), this was not the case for this conference.
     Those interested in becoming part of the VVC Model UN Team may wish to contact Dino Bozonelos at

    Jeffrey Peacock is on Victor Valley College's Model United Nations  team.