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about students and teachers

9970, drop by 9280 Maple Ave., Hesperia, or email
     CSUSB offers a bachelor's degree in Limited Liberal Studies on video. It is on the lower campus in the Humanities Center. For more information, call 241-4271 extension 2632 or 2529 or email
      Chapman University offers bachelor's degrees in Criminal Justice, Psychology, Social Science, Sociology, and Organizational Leadership. Call 955-7555 for general information. You can also call Kathy Degler at

843-2568 or Carol Wells at 843-2563. Or email or write to or visit 12421 Hesperia Rd. Suite C 5-7, Victorville, CA 92392.     
     Park University offers bachelor's degrees in Criminal Justice Administration, Management, Management/CIS, Social Psychology and Management/Human Resources.
     For more information, call Cathy Donaldson at the Marine Corps Logistics Base building 218 in Barstow at 256-8811 or email

     University of La Verne offers bachelor's degrees in Business Administration, Child Development, Health Administration and  Liberal Studies.
     Also, the LaVerne offers Organizational Management and Public Administration to students online or in person. For more information, call Inge Kendall Maranto at 843-0086 or email
     Remember to meet with a VVC counselor at least once each semester. To schedule an appointment, call 245-4271 extension 2296 or extension 2531.