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Big Trucks program means job opportunities

instructor, and Dan Hook, truck maintenance foreman for Hi-Grade Materials, was an instructional aide. Hook finished his designated subject teaching credentials the following semester.
     In the spring of 2000, Hook taught Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Repair, Auto 74, off site at Hi-Grade Equipment. He is now department chair at San Bernardino Valley College, said Sweet.
     Most of the equipment used is donated by local businesses, including a Volvo/White truck with a 60 series Detroit Diesel engine (four stroke), which was donated by Roadway. The class also has two large yellow Caterpillar engines (inline six) and a Cummings 350, said Sweet.
     Hi-Grade Materials has given major support through the use of their facilities for lecture and lab classes. The college appreciates the support and will continue to provide training for current and future employees for the high desert trucking industry, said Tom Clark, VVC's dean of vocational education.
     The heavy duty truck program at VVC includes these courses: Auto 55 (light duty diesel engine repair), a prerequisite for Auto 74; Auto 74, advanced diesel; Auto 57, compressed natural gas conversion and service; Auto 79, suspension and steering; Auto 88, air brakes; and Auto 89, heavy and medium duty hydraulic brakes, said Clark.
     "A course in power train, including clutch repair is pending," said Sweet.
     Vincent has an Associate of Science degree in automotive service from VVC, including light- and heavy-duty diesel engine repair.