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VVC adjunct faculty to decide

DSPS remembers colleague Stephanie Hunt

Day, May 10, 2003.
     As the day approaches, a plaque is being readied for placement where she and several colleagues ate lunch on a regular basis. Her fellow workers speak of her not out of sadness or mourning, but with gladness for having known her. She was born on Feb. 26, 1966. She was only 37 when she died.

     Two sons survive Hunt: Stacey, 14, and Ky1e, 12. She has other family in North Carolina.     
     "Hunt was goal oriented. She wished to teach deaf children in Riverside," said Eileen Sullivan, a DSPS co-worker.
     Sherri Pierce, the DSPS counselor for the physically disabled, told of her deep af

fection for Hunt.
     A memorial was held for Hunt in the Performing Arts Center on May 21, 2003. Five speakers spoke of their love for Hunt. Her family was impressed with the turnout and the empathy shown.

     Robert Vincent was served by the DSPS Program and knew Hunt.