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Run for ASB council 2004-2005

ties to showcase and develop their leadership skills. Council members participate in various committee meetings throughout the campus as representatives of the students. Committees they attend include the Master Plan Committee, the Budget Committee and Accreditation Committee.
     Many times council members also have the opportunity to travel across the state and the nation to attend conferences and to lobby elected officials.
     The ASB council also, under the guidance of adviser Robert Sewell, determines how to spend the money

brought in through ASB fees. This includes supporting athletics, the theater department and various campus clubs. Funds are also used to put on events such as the Halloween Fest and the Student Leadership Conference.
     The ASB Council not only funds these events, but in many cases organizes them. There are great opportunities of growth as members learn how to organize, budget and function as a team.
ASB Candidacy Requirements 
--Be enrolled in 6 semester units throughout their term of service with a minimum 2.0

grade point
--Be enrolled in at least one class of the department they wish to represent, if applicable.
--Turn in a petition with valid signatures and Social Security numbers of at least 150 Victor Valley College students.
--The completed petition and election packet must be turned in to the ASB office before 3 p.m. on April 2.
     Serving the ASB council is  challenging and exciting. Above all, people wishing to serve on the ASB Council should be eager for the position and have a willingness to learn as they go along.