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VVC hosts academic challenge

of play money with values of  $50 and $100, handed out by the Vannatastic Deanna Murphy and Kristin Youngberg. Each of the 20 Scantron questions were worth $100.
     The questions went from "how much is the H worth in the game of Scrabble" to "how many meters are in a mile."  The distinguished  Steve Toner played quiz master.
     Each table was given a cup of edible gold fish and

for $250 the teams had to guess how many were in the cup; the answer was 91, and only one team got it right.
     At the end of the two- hour event the money was counted and added to the Scantron total to get the winners. 
     The top three were the 'Super Stars' with 6,350 points, the Gray Matter Groupies with 6,050 and the Justice League of America with 5,900.

EOPS honors outstanding students

and knowledge in management skills, catering, waitressing and how to generalize and coordinate for restaurants.
     Advanced students get more of a feel of how it is to supervise. They shadow beginning students and come up with new ways to improve the program.
     Everything was really good. Service was excellent. They put a lot of effort for all the people, said guest Lorraine  Simonetta.