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Writing contest winners announced

     Victor Valley College's writing contest winners have been notified, and those winning first, second or third place will be receiving monetary awards. The booklets composed of the winning entries are on sale in the Rams Bookstore for 50 cents.
     Tim Adell, an English instructor, said there weren't as many entries this year. Usually, 60 to 80 poems are submitted, but this year only 28 poems were entered in the contest. However, the other categories had about the same number of entries as last year, he said. Also, having the writing contest end at an earlier date (Jan. 31) than other years enabled the booklets to be completed before graduation, Adell said.
     Adell said the judges were himself, Claudia Basha, Carol Golliher and Patty

Golder. He said the entries were judged on originality and independent thought.
Writing Contest
Winners 2004
Short Story-
1st Place- Aaron Donahue "Garrison's Wife"
2nd Place- Aaron Donahue "Black, White and Gray"
3rd Place- Daniel Flores-Guadiana "Alice"
Honorable Mention- Aaron Donahue "Purgatory"
1st Place- Thomas Bissell "Empty Grasp"
2nd Place- Shanika Simpson "Running (Dying To Live)"
3rd Place- Corralee Longdin "The Red Rose"
Honorable Mention- Marlena Symmes "Desert Treasures" and Kristy Krumsick "Do I Know Her?"
Personal Narrative-
1st Place- Theresa Y. Valente

"The Hot Date"
2nd Place- Aaron Donahue "Jackrabbits and the Tree of Life: An Essay"
3rd Place- Theresa Y. Valente "The Window"
Honorable Mention- Sharon M. Best "Birthday Brat"
1st Place- Thomas Bissell "On James Blish's 'Common Time'"
2nd Place- Annette Guzman "Caligyne--Who?"
3rd Place- Dominic Dotterer "Sun Tzu Teaches Chess"
Honorable Mention- Annette Guzman "Religion According the Author William James"
Front Cover- Lidia Maylath "Dreaming Girl"
Back Cover- Nestor Gazca "Lenny Kravitz"
Inside- Beatriz Pineda "Abraham Lincoln"

     The challenges in her present position are ensuring the right student gets the right funding in a timely manner.    After VVC, she will be dividing her time between Cedar Pines Park, Calif., and Meadview, Ariz.
-- Dean of Vocational Education Tom Clark (no relation to Sandra), who is leaving after being at VVC since 1998, has possible job opportunities either close by or further away.
     He said that people have commented that all of the areas under his direction have seen growth and expansion during his years at VVC.
      He said the satisfying part of his job has been watching students benefit from the programs.