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RamPage Victor Valley College                              May 7, 2004 Page 3

counted by June 8, with the announcement of a winner a few days after that. However, that could be in doubt due to the CTA recently filing an Unfair Labor Practice charge against VVC.
     Adjunct faculty currently do not have any official organization or representation, and they serve only on a semester-to-semester basis.
     "All part-time faculty are encouraged to vote for VVCFA/CTA. We are here on campus all day every day. We have worked with the administration for more than 30 years. We are the full-time teachers' representatives," said Debra Blanchard, the president of the faculty association.
      "For the past year, PTFU/AFT has campaigned for an election that would give part-

timers the right to choose a union that would represent them at VVC. That campaign has been successful, and the election begins next week," said Mike Mello, secretary of PTFU. "Part-time faculty need a union  that represents them exclusively with no conflict of interest from a union that represents full-time faculty. AFT will fight for all part-timers to get the fair pay, respect and dignity

that has been denied them for years at VVC."
     "We want our part-time employees to have accurate information before they choose a representative," said Blanchard. "I'm very optimistic that once given all the facts, they will choose an organization that will fight for their rights, not one that is favored by the administration."

ful taking another subject in a traditional classroom setting.
     Aug. 30 is the first day of the fall semester.  VVC is going to a compressed calendar.  This will involve 16-week fall and spring semesters along with winter and summer inter-sessions.  The first winter session is still being considered since it will take time for all of us to adjust to this new system.  Other colleges with this calendar report that students seem to prefer it, as it allows them more flexibility in class selection.
     See a counselor at least once each semester to helpstay on track.  To schedule an appointment, call 245-4271 extension 2296 or 2531.