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Golf team keeps its eye on the ball

matter of luck."
     Golf is unique among team sports in that it is not cooperative.  Each member of the team plays as an individual.  There are six players on each team, and at the end of the game, the five best scores of the team are added together, and whichever team has the lowest score wins.
     There was good news for the team, with two members showing improvement this season.
     Josh Beck averaged 74 over 13 matches, three

strokes better than his score last year.  He managed to finish third overall.  Beck is a three-time match medallist. 
     Nick Hanson, another member of the team, averaged 76.7, improving his average by one from last season.  He finished eighth overall. Both qualified this season for the California Community College Southern California Regional 2004 Men's Golf Championship.
     Bachofner mentioned the synergy between the six players, three of whom were

VVC veterans and three freshmen who had come from local high schools.  Along with Beck and Hanson, David Carter returned to the team.  Joining up this semester were Daniel Rincon, Dan Heaton and Todd Matthews.
      Bachofner said he was happy about the way the team pulled out of a slump they'd fallen in the first quarter of the season.  "They fought back and got out of the slump.  As a team, I think that's what we did best."

     This season, the VVC golf team finished third, one position lower than last season, with some individuals on the team improving.
     On the team position, Coach Bill Bachofner said, "I guess I would say if they had been more synchronous when they played well, if five of them had played well at one instead of two, or three, or four of them, but that's really a timing thing.  It's more a