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More: Stopping red ink but not spilling blood

tee. Blanchard also maintained that the committee should not be reporting to the president and the board.
     Others disagree with Blanchard's view of the situation. 
     "In my opinion it is not true," said Williams. "Everyone had an opportunity." On Feb. 26, Williams  sent a memo to campus staff encouraging them to participate in the four task groups organized for the purpose of identifying cost-saving  avenues. Williams said about 30 to 40 campus staff did join the task groups. 
      In a recent interview, Dr. Tom Miller, head of the Music Department and former co-chair of the Budget Advisory Committee, said campus staff did make suggestions.  Executive Vice President Jeff Cooper collated the campus-wide suggestions and those

the Faculty Senate on to spreadsheets.
     Miller said the whole committee then studied and evaluated all of the recommendations, including those from the Faculty Senate, and rejected those  that were not in line with the criteria or values set by the committee, which included minimizing impact on students, retaining full-time employees and maintaining an adequate ending balance among others. He said the Budget Advisory Committee's suggestions were then sent to the Cabinet. 
      Miller also emphasized that the reality is that the  budget  proposals have to be negotiated with the unions. In his Feb. 26 memo, Williams said that the Budget Advisory Committee cannot negotiate with the unions; this is the task of employee union representatives.

      President of the Board of Trustees Dorothy Franke said that the Budget Advisory Committee is as its name suggests. It advises or makes recommendation; it cannot make decisions.
     Franke said the committee was established last year to provide a forum for representatives from all areas of the campus to discuss budget issues and to make recommendations.
      The cabinet is the decision-making body, but the president has the final say for that body. However, the ultimate decision is up to the board, Franke said.
     The tentative budget will be submitted for approval to the June 8 VVC Board meeting. The final budget will be submitted  at the  Sept. 14 meeting. By then, the legislature should have passed the state's budget.     

Bonjour, serviette, sorté and au revoir

There is something about the place that pulls you back.  The lavender fields, markets full of fish, flowers and vegetables were a visual wonder. 
     The group of 17 females was a blast!  Claudia Basha, Margie Milroy, Maggi Dunsmore, Peggy Nunez were in attendance, to name just a few.  In my many years of world travel, I don't know when I've enjoyed a vacation experience more than this one!
    Perhaps you might consider Italy with Claudia in 2005 - she's an excellent host!
     Departure from Los Anngeles for an exciting nine days of fun in Italy is scheduled for March 24, 2005. The cost is $1,899.