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Surprises await enrolling students

comprehensive overview of where the Inland Empire stands  economically and where it looks to be going. The speakers used comparisons to similar areas in order to help the audience better understand the data being presented. A brief national overview was also presented.
     The future looks bright, as an estimated 400,000 new jobs due around 2010 will be heading towards the Inland Empire, according to local County Supervisor Bill Post

      Speakers included economics expert Dr. Michael Bazdarich, who presented an economic overview of the Inland Empire.
     Director of the Southern California Region Metro Study Steve Johnson gave a housing overview of the high desert and compared it to the Inland Empire. San Bernardino County offers the most affordable housing in Southern California, according to Johnson.

     Apple Valley Mayor Bob Sagona made note of the proposed 250,00-square-foot commercial center set to be located on Apple Valley Road.
     Dr. Alfred Gobar of Alfred Gobar Associates noted the Southern California  Logistics Airport as a positive tool for economic growth. He told guests to hold on to their revenues because as the budget crisis grows, the state will be grabbing for whatever if can.