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RamPage Victor Valley College                    Sept.  24, 2004 Page 3

Accelerate your education with Azusa

ics in preparing them in management skills in the work force such as group projects, team exercises, group discussions and reading. According to Azusa graduate Bill Zamboni, in fulfilling all the requirements you earn a bachelor of science degree and are prepared for the next step.  Many students who attended the program last year were employees and members of staff at VVC.
     Michelle Messer, full-time employee at VVC, says that obtaining her bachelor's degree is just a stepping-stone in completing her master's degree.  Messer is currently a clerical technician for Maintenance and Operations  and has been a VVC employee for five years.  She said that VVC is a great place to work in the high de

sert and plans to stay.  She is also a mother of six children and could not have completed her degree without the support of her husband, Monty, a fellow VVC employee.   
     "Because I feel that we are in charge of our lives and our destiny and that fate really has little to do with anything, my favorite quote is this, 'The best way to predict your future is to create it,'" she said.
      Plenty of opportunities are available at VVC that make it possible for new students and even those returning to continue their education. For more information about Azusa Pacific University or  other colleges in the high desert, log on to and click onto High Desert Higher Education.