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VVC goes  through 'The Glass Menagerie'

The action of the play centers on Tom, his mother, Amanda, and his sister, Laura.
     Tom Wingfield played by VVC student Trenton Pruitt, is an aspiring poet who works in the Continental Shoemakers Warehouse. He loves his family but, at the same time, feels trapped by them.
     Amanda Wingfield, played by VVC student Cathi Pumphrey, is a forgotten Southern belle who was at one time the toast of her town's social scene. Abandoned by her husband, she is now a single mother living in an apartment in St. Louis.
     Laura Wingfield, played by VVC student Bernadette Meyers-Guzman, has been crippled since she was a child, and she walks with the help of a leg brace. Being

College graduates may face unemployment

     Twenty-two percent of recent college graduate job seekers are underemployed, according to a recent survey of college graduates by the No. 1 entry-level job site, who wrote this report. 
     "The last four years of slow economic growth has caused many students to take any job after graduation, even if it didn't meet their expectations," said Brian Krueger, President of  "The net result is that there are a large number of underemployed entry-level job seekers still looking for their first entry-level job in their field of study."
     The survey found that while many recent graduates are working, they are in a job that doesn't match their de

gree or their skill set - they are classically underemployed.
     "What a humbling experience!" said Jonathan Coen, a May 2004 computer science graduate from the University of New Mexico.  "I have a very technical degree from a great university and have had to go back to a line of work I did before I got my degree."
     Coen is not alone.  Many graduates have found themselves in similar situations -- searching for that ideal job that will fully showcase their talents.
     So why don't graduates wait for their ideal position to come along? Some graduates are fearful of the possibility of unemployment.  "I took the first job I saw," said JC, who graduated in June of 2004 with a master's in jour