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Due to recent legislation (AB 705) from Sacramento, required changes are coming to the English and math classes that will be offered at community colleges.  As we have anwers to your questions, we will post them here.

Fall 2019 Co-requisite Sections

Click on the links below to see the corequisite course offerings in Fall 2019.

English Comp and Reading Sections (English 81+101)
College Algebra Sections (Math 85+105)
Statistics Sections (Math 80+120)
Calculus Sections (Math 86+226 and Math 87+227)

Unsure about which math course you should take? Take a look at these guidelines.

Description of Registration Changes

Informational Video

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Key Info About AB705
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What Students Need to Know
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Frequently Asked Questions

This list will get updated regularly.  Please come back to view additional questions.

Q:  I am not very good at English and/or math.  How am I ever going to be able to get through to these 100-level courses if I can’t get through their prerequisites?

A:  Mastery of anything takes time and practice. There will be a lot of support available to you in the Writing Center and the Math Success Center. Consider taking Math 42-S or Math 90-S (extra support and time with your teacher) while these classes are still available. Next fall, take English 81 along with English 101, which provides 2 extra hours of time with your teacher each week, including extra help with reading skills. In math, take either Math 80 along with Math 120 or Math 85 along with Math 105, which will provide extra time with your teacher, as well as extra support activities to help build up your skills.

Q:  My ed plan has me taking Math 120, but the table above lists Math 132 for my major.  Which should I take?

A:  The table applies to most students in each major, but if you have special plans to go far in your field, you may need additional math. Please consult with a counselor if you are unsure.

Q:  What happens if I fail my English 45 or Math 90 in the spring 2019 term?  What will I take in fall 2019?

A:  You have the best chance of success if you take English and math as soon as you are able. If you are able to take a course in winter or summer, consider doing so. In either case, you can still move on to English 101 or a 100-level math course. Consider any English or math course you take to be extra help to prepare you for English 101 or a 100-level math course, even if you don’t pass this time.

Q: Are these changes going to be required for students who are in DVST or DSPS/ACCESS?

A: The MMAP research team indicates that students in these programs benefit from direct placement into transfer-level English and math courses. We encourage all such students to take advantage of every tutoring and workshop resource available in addition to the co-requisite courses (English 81, Math 80, or Math 85).

Q: I am preparing for nursing. I am currently taking Math 90, which I was told I need for nursing. Do these new changes mean I also need to take Math 105, or is that only IF I haven’t taken Math 90?

A: Math 90 will still be offered through the summer 2019 term. Starting Fall 2019, Math 105 will be the prerequisite for chemistry (which, in turn, is a prerequisite for some of the biology courses which must be taken before being admitted into the nursing program). For the fall 2019 term only, the chemistry department will be granting waivers, allowing Math 90 as the prerequisite, but starting with the winter 2020 term, the Math 105 prerequisite will be in effect.



Last Updated 6/9/19