Campus Software

Desktop Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2

It's the number one operating system in the world for a very good reason. It works, and everyone writes software for this platform, therefore, we have it installed everywhere on campus.

Network Operating Systems

Novell NetWare 6.5 - Support Pack 7

Hands down the premier server software OS on the planet. Scalable, engineered for performance, and based on the hard-as-nails Unix environment, NetWare is our main on-campus workhorse, powering all email and files services, and running our campus website as well.

Windows Server 2003 R2

Some applications require Windows to run, yes, even some network applications, so we do have Windows servers on-campus. As long as someone is nearby to reboot them every once in a while, they work well, and we have very few complaints otherwise.

Server platforms

Dell PowerEdge Rackmount Servers and Blade Systems

Our servers are primarily Dell PowerEdge 1U and 2U (rack space units) rackmount servers, with a rack-mounted remote console system, that allows us to stand at one monitor, on one rack, and pull up any server's interface on the screen. We also have two 10-blade server chassis systems, both fully populated, and many of our older Dell PowerEdge servers (and even some older Hewlett-Packard NetServers) have had their services migrated to these newer blade systems with absolute success.

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