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June 17, 2018
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The Novell system provides you with access to network files and printers, as well as some automatic software updates.

Your account login is your Last Name and First Initial (e.g., Pat Williams would have the user name WilliamsP).

You must choose a password for Novell that is at least 5 characters (numbers and/or letters) long. Every 40 days, Novell will force you to change your login password. This is for your protection and it is NOT an option. When prompted, change your password or else after 2 more warnings, the system will simply lock you out. More on Novell.



GroupWise is our groupware product. It does e-mail, scheduling, notes, tasks, appointments, and document storage and sharing! All in one program! Pretty cool.

Your GroupWise account login name is also Last Name and First Initial, (e.g., WilliamsP for Pat Williams).

Your GroupWise password is NOT tied to your Novell password. You change your GroupWise password within GroupWise. This means TWO separate passwords for TWO separate applications. There is no forced password change for GroupWise.

To change the GroupWise Password, on the top line menu of your GroupWise window, choose TOOLS - OPTIONS - SECURITY. The GroupWise password is CASE-SENSITIVE. A capital 'A' is not the same as a lower case 'a'.

Especially if you are a user of the Snow White or Prince Charming system, make sure you are aware of your 'Caps Lock' setting before changing this password. If your GroupWise password does not let you in, try it again with your 'Caps Lock' on.

For more information about GroupWise, see the GroupWise 6.5 User's Guide.



Your e-mail address should be your LastName + FirstInitial, our domain name (yes, this is a reverse of the user login standard, and there is a story behind this reversal, but that story would simply take too long to tell).

The internet domain for this campus is, the domain for on-line class web sites for VVC is They are different domains. We know this can get confusing, but we are in the process of clearing up these domain confusions. So stay tuned...

To continue with my previous example, the e-mail address for Pat Williams would be

This standard for our e-mail does have a benefit. It does make it very easy for a coworker or student to make a reasonable guess of our e-mail addresses even if they do not have our addresses with them.

And, of course, there are a few exceptions. Search for current e-mail addresses.

[GW Web Access]  


Your GroupWise account can be accessed from home (or wherever) using a web browser.

Type in your browser's location (or address) bar, then choose GroupWise WebAccess from the page that comes up.

Enter your User Name (e.g., williamsp) or type in your full name (e.g., pat williams), then enter your password and click the LOGIN button.

The interface is a little different but you will become familiar with it in no time!

You MUST have a password set on your GroupWise account to use this interface. A GroupWise account without a password set is not accessible via the web by design. This keeps accounts without a set password from being accessed by just any ol' web surfer. Good idea there!



Prince Charming users need to contact the MIS Department for access to Prince Charming, ext. 2647.

Snow White users need to contact the Fiscal Services Department for access to Snow White, ext. 2613.



You can be on campus and retrieve e-mail from a 'POP3' server that resides off campus! (If you don't know what that means, don't worry about it now.) You will need to set your POP3 client's e-mail handling service to a few specific settings to enable it to send and retrieve your e-mail from an outside account.

You will need the following information from your ISP (Internet Service Provider), the server host name of the 'POP3' mail server, and your user login name.

I will use the ISP as an example.

The 'POP3' mail host server name for the ISP is '' (they kept it simple!). If I logged into this service from home with my user login name 'jimbo', I would need to use these settings in my web browser's e-mail service to retrieve my mail from this 'POP3' mail host.

        INCOMING USER NAME    jimbo
        OUTGOING USER NAME    <leave blank>

The OUTGOING mail server HAS TO BE If you do not use this host name, your sent e-mail will never leave this campus.

If you have a Web Based e-mail account, such as HOTMAIL, YAHOO, ROCKETMAIL, etc., the settings above are of no value to you. Skip 'em.



Main Web Site, CIS Lab

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