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Technology Purchases



As of July 1, 2016, all computer equipment, except those that are paid with grant monies, will be processed through the ITS department. If you are interested in purchasing computer equipment and need a quote, please submit a Livetime work order to request one by clicking this link



Fiscal Services created two new object codes within Financial 2000 for computer equipment and software. These codes have been created to route requisitions through ITS approval path, which ensures no duplication of equipment/software, safeguarding computer/software specification are compatible and to confirm computer equipment is placed on the Computer Refresh list.

Financial 2000 Object Codes: 

5806 - Software/License

6405 - Computer Equipment

Please include the Livetime work order number within the requisition.

Since these object codes are new, it is necessary to request the object code be linked to the department account and a budget transfer will be necessary to guarantee funds are available for your purchase.  Please send your request via email to the department supervisor and Director of Budget & Planning

Please forward this information to whomever submits requisitions, so they are aware of the account numbers. 


COMPUTER SUPPLIES:                                                                                                                      

If a standard keyboard, mouse or cables are what you need, ITS may have these items in stock, please submit a work order to request what’s needed. If a specialty item is what you need, the departments in which you work will be responsible for the purchase.





Last Updated 2/23/17