How to Submit a Work Order

OPRA Work Order Instructions

Go into Internet Explorer and type the following address on the 'Address' bar: (Or, just click the link below...)

Press "Enter"

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Not everyone will have their own User Name. If you don't know if you have your own User Name or not, contact the Technical Services Dept. at Extension 2333. We can let you know what your User Name is, or create one for you if you don't have one.

The personnel that do not have their own User Name will use the Group Generic User Name and Password for their Department.

For example: If you are a person who works in the Counseling Department, your Departments's Generic User Name is: Cnsl, and your Department's Generic password is: opra.

Please do not change the generic password, because everyone in that department will be using the same steps, and this could cause department-wide OPRA logon problems.

For this example, when you press "Enter" (after entering your User Name & Password) you will see "Welcome Generic Cnsl", (or, if you have a different User Name, you will see "Welcome User Name".

At this point, look to the top-left of the screen, and you will see several buttons available to you. Click on "Work Order".

On the web page that opens, you will see buttons at the top of the screen, as follows:

"Home" - "Recurring" - "Reports" - "New Order" - "Log Off"

Click on the "NEW ORDER button.

OPRA will prompt you to enter your First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone and Extension prior to allowing a new work order. Once you have entered this information, click on "Continue".

NOTE: Do not use special characters ( @, #, $, /, etc.) when entering data in the First Name, Last Name, Phone or Extension fields. Of course you must use the "@" character when entering an Email address.

On the next page that loads into your browser, you will see your Work Order. You will have a Work Order Number assigned on the top-left side of the Work Order Entry form.

You should see your name in the "Requestor" field, and the OPRA system will have already filled in other fields based on your Departmental login, Phone number and so on. Please make sure that the displayed information is correct, and if not, please make the necessary corrections before continuing.

'Priority 1-5' drop-down field: This area will default to "3 Normal". Unless the reason for your request is a campus-wide issue or is a true priority, PLEASE DO NOT SELECT #1.

'Route to' drop-down field: Select the correct department to whom your Work Order will be issued.

'Department' drop-down field: Select your department (if it is not already showing in this field).

'Job Type' drop-down field: Select the correct option. If you are unsure of what to select, choose OTHER.

'Job Description' text-entry field: Type in a detailed description of your request. Please make sure that your request is as clearly stated as possible.

Click on the 'Submit' button at the bottom-right of the Work Order entry form when you are done entering information.

NOTE: If you are requesting a computer or printer to be installed in your department, please supply your Purchase Order number on the OPRA Work Order request so that the Technical Services Department can locate your equipment. In addition, please make sure that you contact Monty Messer in the Warehouse at extension 2248 to find out if your equipment has arrived (and mention this in your work order if it has arrived). This information will enable us to process your work order in an efficient mannner.

If you have any questions about how to submit a work order, please feel free to contact Technical Services at extension 2333.


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