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Transfer Hall of Fame : 2012

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[ View the 2012 Transfer Celebration Photo Gallery here ] - a separate window will open

 These are a few VVC Fall 2012 transfer students. We are very proud of you!







 A Rum Yoon - photo

A Rum Yoon


CSU Fullerton



Adrianna Doxey - photo

Adrianna Doxey

  CSU San Bernardino    Psychology/Sociology
Alanha Medina - photo

Alanha Medina

  CSU Long Beach    Fashion Merchandizing
Amanda Child - photo

Amanda Child

  UCLA   Philosophy
Ashley Dole - photo

Ashley Dole

   UC Riverside    Neuroscience
Ashley Kilgore - photo

Ashley Kilgore

  CSU Fullerton   Art
Brandon Chiz - photo

 Brandon Chiz

  Arizona State University   Communications
Brenda Garcia - photo

 Brenda Garcia

  UC Riverside   Sociology: Law & Society
Chris Dustin - photo

 Chris Dustin

  CSU San Bernardino   Business Administration
Cristina Aguirre - photo

Cristina Aguirre

  Health Care Administration   Loma Linda University
Christina Padilla - photo 

 Christina Padilla

  CSU San Bernardino   Business: Human Resources Management
Clarissa Beauchamp - photo

Clarissa Beauchamp

  Cal Poly Pomona   Business Administration
Daniel Bedolla - photo

 Daniel Bedolla

  CSU San Bernardino   Social Work
Daniel Lopez - photo

 Daniel Lopez

  CSU San Bernardino   Criminal Justice
David Salas - photo

 David Salas

  CSU San Bernardino   Accounting Information Systems
Destinie Hoffmann - photo

 Destinie Hoffmann

  Biola University   Cinema Arts
Edwin Valdovinos - photo

 Edwin Valdovinos

  UC Riverside   Sociology
Erica Santillan - photo

 Erica Santillan

  University of La Verne   Liberal Studies
Evette Jones - photo

 Evette Jones

  Azusa Pacific University   Liberal Studies
Gregory Harbor II - photo 

 Gregory Harbor II

  CSU Fullerton   Theater Arts and Radio/TV/Film
Heather Malone - photo

 Heather Malone

  CSU San Bernardino   Graphic Design
Isabel Orozco - photo

 Isabel Orozco

  University of Nevada,
Las Vegas
James Waldron - photo

 James Woldran

  CSU San Bernardino   Psychology
Jennifer Flores - photo 

 Jennifer Flores

  CSU San Bernardino   Psychology
Jessica Castaneda - photo

 Jessica Castaneda

  University of La Verne   Child Development
Jessica Dowd - photo

 Jessica Dowd

  CSU San Bernardino   History
Joseph Ciulla - photo

 Joseph Ciulla

  Arizona State University   Communications
Katherine Jones - photo

 Katherine Jones

  UC Santa Cruz   Literature
Katrina Ortiz - photo

 Katrina Ortiz

  Cal Poly Pomona   Chemistry:Option in Biochemistry
Laniesha Jones - photo

 Laniesha Jones

  UC Riverside   Sociology
Lena Zumbrunn - photo

 Lena Zumbrunn

  CSU Long Beach   Sociology
Lillian South - photo 

Lillian South

  Cal Poly Pomona   Business Administration
Lynn Wong - photo Lynn Wong   University of La Verne   Child Development
Marysol Hurtado - photo Marysol Hurtado   CSU San Bernardino   Business Administration
Michelle Angulo - photo  Michelle Angulo   CSU San Bernardino   Political Science
Michelle Mather - photo  Michelle Mather   CSU San Bernardino   Criminal Justice
Monica Cabingatan - photo Monica Cabingatan   CSU Long Beach   Biomedical and Clinical Engineering
Naomi Gair - photo  Naomi Gair   Humboldt State University   Wildlife
Nicholas Correia - photo Nicholas Correia    UC Riverside   Political Science: Law and Society
Raquel Aguirre - photo  Raquel Aguirre    CSU San Bernardino   Mathematics: Teaching Track
Rebecca Boardman - photo Rebecca Boardman    CSU San Bernardino   Business: Supply Chain Management
Sabrina Brothers - photo  Sabrina Brothers   UC San Diego   Microbiology
Samantha Beauchamp - photo Samantha Beauchamp   CSU San Bernardino   Business: Accounting
Sarah Estabrook - photo Sarah Estabrook    University of Southern California   Aerospace Engineering
Stephanie Acosta - photo  Stephanie Acosta   UC Riverside   Psychology: Law and Society
Teresa Campbell - photo Teresa Campbell   CSU San Bernardino   Psychology
Val Foor - photo Val Foor    Cal Baptist University   Liberal Arts
Victor Headley - photo Victor Headley   CSU San Bernardino   Counseling
Windy Bannon - photo Windy Bannon    UC Riverside   Biochemistry
Yvette Clave - photo  Yvette Clave   CSU Long Beach   Film and Electronic Arts

 These students signed a waiver allowing the VVC Transfer Center to post their images and information.  If you are on this page and would prefer not to be listed, please e-mail Lorena Ochoa at



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