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Transfer Hall of Fame : 2015

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These are a few of VVC's 2015-2016 transfer students! Congratulations!







Kenneth Corley-photo

Kenneth Corley


Abilene Christian University



I'Tavia Peters-photo

I'Tavia Peters


CSU San Bernardino 



Izelle Ceballos-photo

Izelle Ceballos


CSU San Bernardino



Kristen Neuer-photo

Kristen Neuer


CSU San Bernardino


Fine Arts

Amy Brandes-photo

Amy Brandes


CSU San Bernardino



Tracy Martinez-Alvarez-photo

Tracy Martinez-Alvarez


CSU Long Beach


Journalism/Mass Communication

Kandyl Martinez-photo

Kandyl Martinez


Azusa Pacific University



Veronica Estrada-photo

Veronica Estrada


CSU Dominguez Hills


Human Services

Elizabeth Taylor - photo

Elizabeth Taylor


CSU San Bernardino



Tiffany Verduzco-photo

Tiffany Verduzco


CSU Los Angeles


Communicative Disorders

Neessa Pettaway-photo

Neessa Pettaway


CSU San Bernardino


Social Science

Steven Vaccari-photo  Steven Vaccari    CSU Chico    Game Development
Hannah Clair-photo Hannah Clair   CSU San Bernardino   Liberal Studies
Kandice Vallejos-photo Kandice Vallejos   CSU San Bernardino   Biochemistry
Timothy Tyler-photo Timothy Tyler   CSU San Bernardino   Mass Communications-Public Relations
Melissa Carrillo-photo  Melissa Carrillo    UC San Diego    Marine Biology
Katelyn Kilgore-photo Katelyn Kilgore   UC Riverside   Biology
Dwinta Kusuma-photo Dwinta Kusuma   UCLA   Biochemistry
Bridgid Lucky_photo  Bridgid Lucky   CSU Sacramento   Mathematics
Aislinn Hanson_photo  Aislinn Hanson   CSU Chico   Computer Information Systems
Mercedes Gonzalez_photo  Mercedes Gonzalez   UC Santa Barbara   Psychology
Susana Barajas_photo  Susana Barajas   Azusa Pacific University   Nursing
Alana Holmes_photo  Alana Holmes   CSU San Bernardino   Biochemistry
Andrea Poole_photo  Andrea Poole   CSU San Bernardino   Liberal Studies
Maalik Delaney_photo  Maalik Delaney    UC Riverside    Anthropology
Keli Homan_photo  Keli Homan   CSU San Bernardino   International Business
Daniel Brooks_photo  Daniel Brooks   Cal Poly Pomona   Electrical Engineering
Omar Figueroa_photo  Omar Figueroa   CSU San Bernardino   Sociology
Bianca Davalos_photo  Bianca Davalos   University of La Verne   Liberal Studies
Destinie Williamson_photo Destinie Williamson   CSU Los Angeles   Social Work
Raul Avila_photo  Raul Avila   CSU San Bernardino   Business Administration
James Ekholdt_photo  James Ekholdt   Cal Baptist University   Biology and PA Studies
Debra Johnson_photo  Debra Johnson   Cal Poly Pomona   Hospitality Management
Xanthel Linares_photo  Xanthel Linares   CSU San Bernardino   Social Work
Ciara Gotto_photo  Ciara Gotto   CSU San Bernardino   Communications
Maria Elena Rendon_photo Maria Elena Rendon   CSU San Bernardino   Social Work
Leonardo Alfaro_photo  Leonardo Alfaro   CSU Los Angeles   Criminal Justice
Veronica Barrera Rios_photo Veronica Barreda Rios   CSU San Bernardino   Business Administration

 These students signed a waiver allowing the VVC Transfer Center to post their images and information.  If you are on this page and would prefer not to be listed, please e-mail Lorena Ochoa at



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