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Transfer Hall of Fame : 2016 

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These are a few of VVC's 2016-2017 transfer students! Congratulations! 


Name  University Major  


Adiline Ambrocio-photo

Adiline Ambrocio

 CSU San Bernardino

Social Work

Aimee Jo Bartolome_photo   Aimee'Jo Bartolome  UC Irvine  Education Science    
 Amanda Edlauer-photo Amanda Edlauer Azusa Pacific University Allied Health    
 Amanda Colgate-photo Amanda Colgate UCLA Gender Studies    
 Amanda Cummings-photo Amanda Cummings CSU San Bernardino Human Development - 
School Age Track
 Ammar Moussa-photo Ammar Moussa Cal Poly Pomona Electrical Engineering    
 Antonay Howard-photo Antonay Howard UC Santa Cruz Mathematics    
Beth Diaz-photo Beth Diaz CSU San Bernardino Social Work    
 Bianca Esparza-photo Bianca Esparza  CSU San Bernardino  Psychology    
 Brenna Aguilera-photo  Brenna Aguilera  UC Riverside Creative Writing     
 Bri Whiting-photo  Bri Whiting CSU San Bernardino Liberal Studies    
 Brian Enriquez-photo  Brian Enriquez  CSU San Bernardino English - Literature     
 Celina Delgado Thomas-photo  Celina Delgado-Thomas  CSU San Bernardino  English    
Courtney Favors-photo Courtney Favors CSU San Bernardino Criminal Justice    
 Daisy Peralta-photo  Daisy Peralta CSU San Bernardino  Nursing     
Dante Dennis Acenas-photo  Dante Dennis Acenas II UC Berkeley  Biochemistry     
 Edwin Marin-photo  Edwin Marin UC Riverside Psychology     
Elizabeth Jones-photo  Elizabeth Jones San Diego State Criminal Justice - 
Homeland Security
Erica Millwood-photo  Erica Millwood Azusa Pacific University Liberal Arts    
Fernando Palma-photo  Fernando Palma CSU San Bernardino Business Administration    
George Hourany-photo  George Hourany UC Riverside  Biology    
Gerardo Gonzalez-photo  Gerardo Gonzalez Fresno State Administration of Justice -
Jaime Contreras-photo Jaime Contreras UCLA Biochemistry    
 James Eckholdt-photo  James Eckholdt CSU San Bernardino Public Health    
Jason Rosales-photo   Jason Rosales UC Riverside Chemical Engineering    
Jennifer Juptner-photo  Jennifer Juptner CSU San Bernardino English    
John Allen-photo  John Allen CSU San Bernardino English - Creative Writing    
Jordan Nickols-photo  Jordan Nickols Cal Poly Pomona Hospitality Management    
Joshua Rodriguez-photo  Joshua Rodriguez Cal Poly Pomona Computer Science    
Josielyn Picazo-photo  Josielyn Picazo CSU Dominguez Hills Psychology    
Karina Melgar-photo Karina Melgar CSU San Bernardino Liberal Arts    
Kendra Bloss-photo Kendra Bloss Cal Poly Pomona Hospitality Management    
 Kenya Bennett-photo  Kenya Bennett Cal Poly Pomona Psychology     
 Kimberly Galindo-photo  Kimberly Galindo UCLA  Philosophy    
 Kimberly Lajuj-photo  Kimberly Lajuj CSU San Bernardino Criminal Justice     
Korinna Delgado-photo Korinna Delgado CSU San Bernardino Psychology    
Lama Salama-photo Lama Salama CSU San Bernardino Business Administration    
Leslie Leach-photo Leslie Leach CSU San Bernardino  Communications    
Lourdes Cortez-Millan-photo Lourdes Cortez Millan CSU San Bernardino Liberal Arts    
Maria Tremblay-photo Maria Tremblay CSU San Bernardino Dietitian    
Martin Alcazar-photo Martin Alcazar CSU San Bernardino Business Administration - 
Cyber Security
Nicarose Marcial-photo Nicarose Marcial CSU San Bernardino Psychology & Dance    
Pricila Lugo-photo Pricila Lugo CSU San Bernardino English    
Richard Arguelles-photo Richard Arguelles Cal Poly Pomona History    
Roberto Flores-photo Roberto Flores UC Riverside  Molecular Biology    
Rosa Lopez-photo Rosa Lopez San Jose State  Forensics    
Rossy Garcia-Orejel-photo Rossy Garcia-Orejel CSU San Bernardino Psychology    
Roxana Soto-photo Roxana Soto CSU Los Angeles Nursing    
Ruben Salas-photo Ruben Salas CSU East Bay Nursing    
Samantha Patterson-photo Samantha Patterson Park University Business Administration    
Samuel Martinez-photo Samuel Martinez CSU San Bernardino Theater Arts    
Sandy Hernandez-photo Sandy Hernandez CSU San Bernardino Criminal Justice    
Summer Ledesma-photo Summer Ledesma CSU San Bernardino Psychology    
Zully Orrala-photo Zully Orrala Cal Poly Pomona Psychology    

 These students signed a waiver allowing the VVC Transfer Center to post their images and transfer information.  If you are on this page and would prefer not to be listed, please e-mail Lorena Ochoa at



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