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Transfer Hall of Fame : 2017

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These are a few of VVC's 2017-2018 transfer students! Congratulations!


Name University Major
Marco Aguayo Marco Aguayo Cal Poly Pomona Computer Science/International Studies
Kiera Allen Kiera Allen Cal Poly Pomona Business Administration- Human Resources
Charlene Altwine Charlene Altwine CSU Fullerton Communicative Disorders
Valentina Aragan Valentina Aragan San Francisco State University Psychology
Trevor Aydelott Trevor Aydelott CSU San Bernardino Business Administration
Vida Esi Baah Vida Esi Baah CSU Bakersfield Nursing
LaTeara Burks LaTeara Burks CSU San Bernardino Business Administration- Public Administration
Daniela Camacho Daniela Camacho CSU San Bernardino Psychology
Jerome Carpenter Jerome Carpenter CSU Fullerton Criminal Justice
Juanagustin Carpio  Juanagustin Carpio Cal Poly Pomona Microbiology
Margarita Casillas Margarita Casillas CSU San Bernardino Spanish- Communications
Isaac Castellanos Isaac Castellanos CSU San Bernardino Art
Emilene Castillo Emilene Castillo San Francisco State University Biochemistry 
Anthony Chemberlain Anthony Chamberlain CSU Fullerton Accounting
Victoria Craig Victoria Craig  California Baptist University Nursing
Clarissa Cunningham Clarissa Cunningham  CSU San Bernardino Communication
Danielle Daniels Danielle Daniels  UC Davis Animal Science
Juan Diaz Gonzalez Juan Diaz Gonzalez CSU Dominguez Hills Criminal Justice
Miranda Felix Miranda Felix  Cal Poly Pomona Plant Science
Jason Filice Jason Filice  UC Los Angeles Statistics
Thania Gaeta Thania Gaeta  CSU San Bernardino Nursing
Alejandre Galvez Alejandra Galvez  CSU San Bernardino Sociology
Juan Garcia Juan Garcia Cal Poly Pomona Landscape Architecture
Michelle Garcia Michelle Garcia CSU San Bernardino Social Work
Samantha Gardner Samantha Gardner University of Oregon Communications
Michael Gatewood Michael Gatewood Chapman University Film
Jacob Gerew Jacob Gerew CSU San Bernardino History
Kyle Glunt Kyle Glunt CSU San Bernardino Business Administration
Mark Gutierrez Mark Gutierrez University of Nevada, Las Vegas Business Marketing
Miranda Hernandez Nelson Miranda Hernandez Nelson CSU San Bernardino Liberal Studies
Bessie Josephine Hernandez Bessie Josephine Hernandez CSU San Bernardino  Social Work
Austin Hunt Austin Hunt UC Los Angeles Financial Actuarial Mathematics
Tunleha Hunter Tunleha Hunter CSU Los Angeles Child Development
Daniela Jarquin Daniela Jarquin CSU San Bernardino Biology
Angelina Jarrett Angelina Jarrett CSU San Bernardino Liberal Arts
D'vonte Jessie Johnson D'vonte Jessie Johnson UC Santa Barbara Film & Media
James Johnson James Johnson UC Riverside Psychology
Gabriela Rosalia Lara Gabriela Rosalia Lara CSU San Bernardino Deaf Studies
Leslie Leach Leslie Leach CSU San Bernardino Communications
Luz Lucateros Luz Lucateros CSU San Bernardino English
Miguel Magallon Miguel Magallon  University of Nevada, Las Vegas Business Management
Angel Martinez Morales Angel Martinez Morales CSU San Bernardino Psychology
Shaquila McCaskill Shaquila McCaskill Clark Atlanta University Psychology
Rebecca Miotto Bebiano Rebecca Miotto Bebiano CSU Long Beach International Studies
Jocelyn Morales Jocelyn Morales  CSU San Bernardino Criminal Justice
Sarah Morgan Sarah Morgan CSU San Bernardino Music Education- Choral Music & Conducting
Ronald Morris Ronald Morris CSU San Bernardino Psychology
Juan Munguia Vargas Juan Munguia Vargas CSU Northridge Deaf Studies
Landon Christopher Ninemire Landon Christopher Ninemire CSU San Bernardino Kinesiology- Pedagogy
Juan Ochoa  Juan Ochoa UC Los Angeles Linguistics
Casey O'Leary Casey O'Leary Northern Arizona University Parks & Recreation Management
Maria Pacheco Quinones Maria Pacheco Quinones CSU San Bernardino Human Resources & Spanish
Cyle Palazzo Cyle Palazzo CSU San Bernardino Business Administration
Kimberly Parker Kimberly Parker  CSU San Bernardino Social Science- Multi Disciplinary
Nahian Yesmin Parvez Nahian Yesmin Parvez CSU San Bernardino Sociology
Alysa Piar Alysa Piar CSU San Bernardino Psychology
Blanca Pineda Blanca Pineda UC San Diego Theatre Arts
Melanie Pinon Melanie Pinon CSU San Bernardino International Business
Shuwen Qian Shuwen Qian Cal Poly Pomona Microbiology
Andrea Quiroa Andrea Quiroa CSU San Bernardino Biology
Ailyn Ramos Ailyn Ramos CSU San Bernardino English
Jessica Rincon Jessica Rincon CSU San Bernardino Business Administration
Brenda Rodriguez Brenda Rodriguez CSU San Bernardino Psychology
Brenda Rombalski Brenda Rombalski CSU San Bernardino Communications- Human & Organizational
Edward Romero Edward Romero University of La Verne Organizational Management
Emily Romero Emily Romero CSU San Bernardino Spanish
Anthony Santana Anthony Santana CSU San Bernardino Geology
Renate Schmid Renate Schmid CSU Los Angeles Sociology
Elizabeth Smith Elizabeth Smith CSU Los Angeles Criminal Justice
Jameka Smith Jameka Smith San Francisco State University Psychology
Geoffrey Somera Geoffrey Somera Cal Poly Pomona Nutritional Science
Taylor Stapleton Taylor Stapleton San Francisco State University Criminal Justice
Cezena Taylor Cezena Taylor Cal Poly Pomona Psychology
Evonne Torres Tirado Evonne Torres Tirado CSU San Bernardino Psychology
Odalis Uribe Odalis Uribe UC Irvine Psychology and Social Behavior
Sara Valdez Sara Valdez CSU San Bernardino Political Science
Ignacio Vargas Ignacio Vargas UC Santa Barbara English
Marlin Vasquez Marlin Vasquez UC Riverside Sociology
Sierra Warwick Sierra Warwick CSU San Bernardino Communications
Tristan Wilkerson Tristan Wilkerson CSU San Bernardino Biology
Carlos Zendejas Carlos Zendejas CSU San Bernardino Criminal Justice
Victor Zendejas Victor Zendejas CSU San Bernardino Criminal Justice

 These students signed a waiver allowing the VVC Transfer Center to post their images and transfer information.  If you are on this page and would prefer not to be listed, please e-mail Lorena Ochoa at



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