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Transfer Hall of Fame : 2018

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These are a few of VVC's 2018-2019 transfer students! Congratulations! 

"Words of Thanks" Power Point (as shown at the Transfer Celebration).


Name University Major
Juan Carlos Alvarez Reyes Juan Carlos Alvarez Reyes Cal Poly Pomona Civil Engineering
Natallie Arce Natallie Arce CSU San Bernardino Criminal Justice - Crime Anaylisis Option
Tania Arita Tania Arita CSU Los Angeles Nursing
Nabil Assal Nabil Assal UC Riverside Neuroscience
Grace Avila Grace Avila CSU San Bernardino Psychology
David Barajas David Barajas CSU Los Angeles English
Catherine Barraza Catherine Barraza  Cal Poly Pomona  Biology
Richmond Beckman Richmond Beckman CSU San Bernardino Kinesiology
Jessica Benton Jessica Benton CSU San Bernardino Sociology
Lucia Bibian Lucia Bibian CSU San Bernardino Psychology
Sarah Bridgewater Sara Bridgewater CSU San Bernardino  Liberal Studies
Anna Buck Anna Buck Cal Poly Pomona Communication
Ken Chow Ken Chow   CSU San Bernardino Accounting
Ashley Contreras Ashley Contreras CSU San Bernardino Liberal Studies
Ivon Cordon Ivon Cordon CSU Dominguez Hills Graphic Design
Sawsan Dahi Sawsan Dahi CSU San Bernardino Studio Art
Lexus David Lexus David CSU Fullerton Communication Studies
Aurelia Dennis Aurelia Dennis CSU San Marcos Communication Studies
Helena Diaz Helena Diaz Franciscan University of Steubenville Theology and Catechatics
Seth Dorcey Seth Dorcey CSU Los Angeles Television, Film, and Media Studies
Suany Echevarria Suany Echevarria CSU San Bernardino Spanish-Hispanic Literature, Language,
and Civilazation
Estefani Galarza Estefani Galarza CSU Chico Liberal Studies
Johnathan Garibay Johnathan Garibay CSU San Bernardino Computer Science
Matthew Gauthier Matthew Gauthier  CSU San Bernardino Psychology
 Elizabeth Hadley Elizabeth Hadley CSU San Benardino Accounting
Sheryl Hammonds Sheryl Hammonds CSU San Bernardino Psychology
Vanessa Haro Vanessa Haro Psychology Azusa Pacific University
Kelcie Hartley Kelcie Hartley Cal Poly Pomona Multi-Media Journalism
Daisy Herrera Daisy Herrera UC Riverside Sociology
Omar Iniguez Omar Iniguez CSU San Bernardino Communications
Kathleen Jasper Kathleen Jasper Park University Business - Human Resources Management
Brijesh Darshak Joshi Brijesh Darshak Joshi Simpson University Psychology
Jessica Kilgore Jessica Kilgore CSU Fullerton Theater Arts
Medodie Lee Melodie Lee Azusa Pacific University Art & Design
Courtney LeMay Courtney LeMay CSU San Bernardino Communication Studies
Andrew Loop-Perez Andrew Loop-Perez CSU San Bernardino Computer Science
Joshua Loper Joshua Loper  Cal Poly Pomona Mechanical Engineering
Ashley Lopez Ashley Lopez CSU San Bernardino Business Administration - Management
Amay Lott Amay Lott CSU San Bernardino Psychology
Robert Lowrey Robert Lowrey Colorado State University Animal Science
Kevin Loyd  Kevin Loyd CSU Long Beach Molecular Biology/Physiology
Brandon Marin Brandon Marin UC Riverside Biology
Erika Marroquin Erika Marroquin  CSU San Bernardino Social Work
Laura Mazariegos Laura Mazariegos CSU Northridge Communication Studies
David Meadows, Jr. David Meadows, Jr. CSU San Bernardino History
Virginia Megerditch Virginia Megerditch CSU San Bernardino Mechanical Engineering
Rebeca Miranda Rebeca Miranda CSU San Bernardino Nursing
Ruth Morgan Ruth Morgan CSU San Bernardino Criminal Justice
Crystal Parker Crystal Parker CSU Chico Psychology
David Perez David Perez UC Santa Barbara Psychology
Samantha Perry Samantha Perry CSU Chico Psychology
Amber Quevedo Amber Quevedo CSU San Bernardino Criminal Justice
Lizette Ramirez Lizette Ramirez CSU San Bernardino Social Work
Nicholas Ramos Nicholas Ramos CSU San Bernardino Math
Efrain Rangel Efrain Rangel Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Biology
Ghannea Rave Ghannea Rave CSU Fullerton Business Administration
Armando Raygoza Armando Raygoza Cal Poly Pomona Mathematics
Esther Reid Esther Reid CSU San Bernardino Business Administration - Accounting
Rebecca Reynolds Rebecca Reynolds CSU San Bernardino Liberal Arts
Leslie Sanchez Leslie Sanchez CSU San Bernardino Nursing
Michaela Sarratt Michaela Sarratt CSU San Bernardino Liberal Studies
Karen Sewasky Karen Sewasky CSU San Bernardino Psychology
Audrenee Shields Audrenee Shields Azusa Pacific University Nursing
Leticia Stevens Leticia Stevens Cal Poly Pomona Communications
Edith Vidrio Edith Vidrio CSU San Bernardino Psychology
Roxana Villatoro Roxanna Villatoro CSU San Bernardino Biology
Heli Vyas Heli Vyas CSU San Bernardino Administration - Accounting
Mikayla Webb Mikayla Webb CSU Fullerton Graphic Design
McKenna Wenszell McKenna Wenszell CSU San Bernardino Criminal Justice
Cristina Yu Cristina Yu Cal Poly Pomona  Environmental Engineering
Photo Unavailable Lizeth Reyes CSU San Bernardino Spanish Studies Track

These students signed a waiver allowing the VVC Transfer/Career Center to post their images and transfer information.  If you are on this page and would prefer not to be listed, please e-mail Lorena Ochoa at



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