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Admission Guarantees

TAG agreements may guarantee admission to a university upon completion of the specific TAG requirements.  Agreements do not necessarily guarantee admission to the major of your choice at the recceiving institution.


 CSU Admission Guarantees

Several CSU campuses offer Transfer Admission Guarantees.  Typically they are for the students who attend their local community colleges.  Students might consider attending a different community college, if possible, so that they can take advantage of these guarantees.  Remember, there is typically a minimum number of units you need to take at the particular community college, so read through this information VERY carefully.  VVC does not currently have any guarantees with specific CSU campuses.


UC Transfer Admission Guarantees (TAG)

Seven UC campuses offer TAG's.  Each school's TAG has certain criteria such as a minimum number of units, subjects, and GPA that are typically above the minimum admission requirements.  To learn more about TAG, and/or to start a TAG application, click Transfer Admission Guarantees (will open in a separate window).  To find out about campus-specific requirements to qualify for a UC TAG click on the 2014-2015 UC TAG MATRIX link [pdf].

Each of the links below will take you to the individual TAG websites for each campus in a separate window.  Remember that some majors also have specific requirements.


Private University Admission Guarantees/Articulation Agreements

There are private and out-of-state universities that offer admission guarantees to community college students.  Each will have unique criteria. The below private/out-of-state universities presently have transfer agreements with VVC. For additional questions, please contact the university or visit the VVC Transfer Center (Bldg. 55).