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Transferring to Four-Year Universities

Courses numbered 100 and above at VVC transfer to the CSU system.  Some of these courses will also transfer to the UC system.  To find out which courses transfer, follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Select Victor Valley College from the drop down menu
  • Click on "CSU Transferable Courses"
  • Select a Department

Please note: Independent (private) and Out-of-State universities will determine which VVC courses they will accept for transfer on an individual basis. You will want to check each campus' website for further details. 

Exploring Campuses and Majors

If you are interested in a CSU or UC campus, the Assist website is an excellent resource.  The video below offers a brief tutorial on how to use the Assist website to search for campuses and majors in the CSU and UC systems.


Another option for exploring campuses and majors, to include independent colleges and universities, is the California Colleges website,  This website can help you narrow down your options by utilizing the Undergraduate Student - Campus Matching Assistant in a separate window.


Transfer Requirements

Most transfer students will transfer to a college or university as a junior (60 transferable units).  The following table details the minimum requirements for transfer at the JUNIOR LEVEL for the CSU and UC systems.


California State University (CSU) minimum transfer admissions requirements

Minimum Unit Requirement

Minimum Subject Requirement

Minimum GPA Requirement

60 CSU transferable semester units

Also known as the
"Golden Four"

2.0 or higher (3.0 or above is encouraged to be a competitive applicant)

  Must be completed with a "C" grade or better Only CSU transferable units are included in this GPA
  1. Oral Communication
(CSU-GE, Area A1)
Typically higher for competitive majors
  2. Written Communication
(CSU-GE, Area A2)
Sometimes higher for campuses outside the *local service area
  3. Critical Thinking
(CSU-GE, Area A3)
  4. Quantitative Reasoning
(CSU-GE, Area B4)

*Local Service Area.  In the CSU system, each campus has a local service area defined.  Individual campuses must accommodate students from their "local service area" before admitting students from outside the area.  Victor Valley College belongs to CSU San Bernardino's local service area.  If you are applying to another CSU, besides San Bernardino, you should visit that campus's transfer admissions website to find out the minimum requirements for non-local service area students. 


University of California (UC) minimum transfer admissions requirements

Minimum Unit Requirement

Minimum Subject Requirement

Minimum GPA requirement

60 UC transferable semester units Also called the "7 course pattern" 2.4 or higher for CA residents
  Must be completed with a "C" grade or better 2.8 or higher for non-CA residents
  Two English composition courses
Only UC transferable units are included in this GPA
  One transferable math course
Typically higher for competitive majors
  Four courses from at least two subject areas
(UC-H, UC-B, and UC-S)
  *See below for details on determining which VVC courses are acceptable for UC-E, M, H, B, and S  

* The Assist website will indicate which courses at VVC are acceptable for the "7 course pattern."  Follow these steps to find out which ones meet this criteria.

  • Go to
  • Select Victor Valley College
  • Click on "UC Transfer Admission Eligibility Courses"
  • Select the area you are looking for (E, M, H, B, or S) 


Selecting the Right General Education Pattern

The CSU GE-Breadth  and is a good choices for many CSU campuses and majors.  The Assist website will show you if this pattern is recommended for your major or not.  Please view the video below to learn how to determine whether or not the CSU GE-Breadth pattern is right for you.


The IGETC pattern is a good choice for many CSU and UC majors.  It is the only pattern that is accepted for UC schools.  Please view the video below to learn how to determine whether or not this pattern is right for you.

Several in-state, independent and private colleges and universities accept the CSU GE-Breadth and IGETC patterns.  View which private universities accept CSU GE-Breadth and/or IGETC.

REMEMBER!!  The VVC Transfer Center will certify your CSU GE-Breadth or IGETC and send it directly to the university you plan to attend.  However, we only do this when you submit a General Education Certification request form.  Do this during your final semester at VVC.  


Articulation Agreements

Articulation agreements will show you which VVC courses have been deemed equivalent to college/university courses.  They will also tell you if these courses are acceptable towards your major and for general education.  This video will demonstrate how to download articulation agreements between California Community Colleges and the CSU & UC systems.


Many independent and private college and university websites will also have a listing of Victor Valley College courses that they accept.  Most lists are available under the admissions pages of their websites.



Last Updated 3/2/19