Outreach Program | Course Listings

Victor Valley Community College is committed to reaching out to the Career Education (CE) student.   A CE representative can come to your class and provide a presentation free of charge. Presentation can be tailored to fit the individual needs of your classroom environment, or you may select one of the options provided on our online outreach program request form. If you choose the "Tailored Area-Specific" option, a VVC representative will contact you to create a presentation that fits your needs. 

  • Assistance with application to VVC This presentation includes use of the mobile IPad learning lab and upon completion students will have completed the VVC Admissions Application. This program is specifically designed for articulated classes nearing completion and that are preparing to apply for articulated college credit from Victor Valley College. Properly prepared students can complete the VVC application during one class's period. 
  • Career Exploration and interest assessment This presentation is with mobile IPad learning lab and provides assistance with matching interest’s areas with careers. This presentation works well with 9th and 10th grades but can be an equally effective with all high school grades. 
  • Articulated course credit process This presentation informs students who are in an articulated high school course of the necessary steps to receive college credit at VVC after completing a high school course. This presentation is designed for the beginning of the year however the information presented is pertinent at any time during the active course. 
  • Tailored area specific programs This program includes intensive discussion of specific program certificate and degree requirements, job duties and expectations, job prospects, salary expectation, career sustainability, and recommended high school preparation. This presentation is designed to give tailored career area information about a specific career field by a college instructor that teaches in that area, who has been or is currently employed in that sector and has current ties to the industry. 

Specific program areas include:

  • Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Allied Health
  • Animation
  • Architectural Design
  • Automotive Technology
  • Aviation Technology
  • Business Administration
  • Business Education Technology
  • Child Development
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Construction and Manufacturing
  • Criminal Justice (formerly Administration of Justice)
  • Electronics and Computer Technology
  • EMS/Paramedic/EMT
  • Engineering
  • Registered Nursing
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Restaurant Management
  • Welding Technology


  • We know the class time is very valuable and that’s why we promise that our presentations will add value to your student’s classroom experience.