Superintendent / President Search

Ideal Candidate

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  • Demonstrates a commitment to participatory governance that fosters a climate of collaborative decision-making; uses collaboration effectively in accomplishing institutional objectives; possesses an inclusive leadership style that brings students, faculty, staff and the greater community together.
  • Is a systems thinker; understands how various functional areas of the College interface to effectively support student learning and other institutional processes.
  • Has the courage and perseverance to address challenges and confrontations; is deliberate in assessment of conflicting perspectives; can bring divergent perspectives together to achieve consensus and successful resolution of conflict; is able to make a tough decision in a timely fashion.
  • Is innovative and creative, while being action- and results-oriented; responds to situations in a timely manner; delegates effectively; uses data-driven assessment and decision-making.
  • Is a transformational leader possessing the technical and emotional intelligence to do the job; attends to one's own on-going professional and leadership development; places high value on the professional development of all constituent groups.
  • Has a proven record of working with a diversity of cultures, personalities, interests and perspectives; respects and celebrates ethnic, cultural, economic and social diversity within the student population, employee groups and the community.
  • Exhibits personal/professional ethics and integrity in all behavior and relationships; brings a strong sense of fairness and equity to all decision-making; is transparent as a decision-maker; expects accountability of self and others.
  • Possesses work characteristics and a management style that inspires trust and confidence in one's leadership; has a deep commitment to the College and community; employs effective time management and up-to-date management tools and practices to lead the College.
  • Has effective communication (written and oral) and listening skills; is a visible and accessible leader; is able to use humor appropriately.
  • Has a positive attitude and enthusiasm for the work of the institution, thereby being an example to others; is an effective team builder; motivates members of all constituent groups to perform at their highest level.
  • Understands the California collective bargaining environment and the need to work effectively with employee groups; has relevant experience related to achieving successful negotiated outcomes.
  • Demonstrates business acumen in planning, budgeting, assessment, and managing change; strategically partners with local, state, federal and private funding sources to expand institutional and educational programs and services; is knowledgeable and competent in the development and management of internal and external resources (fiscal, physical, human), particularly in a challenging fiscal climate, while maintaining the integrity of the District's programs and academic rigor.
  • Understands and supports the increasing role of technology in higher education, for the learning environment and in resource management.
  • Gauges political situations effectively; is a good judge of people, their motivations, and behavior; exhibits patience and flexibility; tolerates ambiguity when necessary.