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Victor Valley College Superintendent/President Search

The decision has been made!  Dr. Christopher O'Hearn is the permanent Superintendent/President of Victor Valley College!

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Desired Qualifications

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The Victor Valley Community College District Board of Trustees seeks a visionary leader to guide the College to new heights. This innovative individual will possess a deep understanding of participative governance and demonstrate a strong commitment to an inclusive style of leadership that will serve students, college faculty, staff and the greater communities of the High Desert.

The ideal candidate must be:

  • A transformational leader who is an effective, compassionate problem solver, persuasive, motivating and committed to the District and our communities;
  • A team builder with the proven ability to work with a myriad of cultures, personalities and interests. An ethical person who is trustworthy and one who is able to maintain fluid relationships with the Victor Valley Community College District Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, students and our communities’ leaders and citizenry;
  • An individual who believes in sustaining a demonstrable commitment to equity, fairness and diversity, all while inspiring faculty, staff and students to perform at high levels;
  • An individual possessing a high level of personal and professional ethics and integrity who seeks to foster a climate that supports the process of consultative and participatory shared governance with all constituent groups; a leader who is able to communicate openly and honestly;
  • A proven leader who celebrates, respects and promotes student, faculty and staff diversity on all levels;
  • A leader with a successful record of pursuing relationships and partnerships with local governments, businesses, industries and community-based organizations with the goal of meeting emerging and future educational and community needs;
  • An individual who promotes success for Victor Valley College students while inspiring, creating and reaching new benchmarks of achievement;
  • A proficient financial administrator who is able to engage in effective budget planning and implementation and who serves as a strategic partner in pursuing new sources of funding from local, state, federal and private sources in order to expand institutional and educational programs and student services;

Education and Experience

A master’s degree from an accredited institution or the equivalent credential. Incumbent must have a minimum of three years of related senior level administrative experience.

Preferred Qualifications

An earned doctorate from an accredited institution, senior level administrative experience at a    com­munity college or comparable organization, demonstrated record of community service, and faculty experience are preferred.

Salary and Benefits

Salary, benefits, length of contract and other terms and conditions of employment will be competitive and negotiable. Mutual agreement will be reached on the terms of employment and the start date. District provided benefits include a comprehensive health plan, dental and vision coverage for the employee and dependents and life and disability insurance for the employee.