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Mentor and student holding thumbs up outside. 


"It was a rewarding experience to help inspire the next generation of VVC students to achieve their dreams goals and aspirations."

Kenyona Allen-Velasquez - photo

- Kenyona Allen-Velasquez, Victor Valley College Office Assistant

"Developing the mentor-mentee relationship with my two mentees took devotion, empathy, courage, and patience as we cultivated our lives into mutual relationships. I especially enjoyed sharing my life experiences with them and demonstrating authenticity as a standard when speaking/talking to other people. Additionally, making a difference in another person's life has always been special to me. The Puente Program has been a wonderful experience for me and I would encourage my colleagues at VVC to become a part of this great program."

Fred Board - photo

- Fred Board, Victor Valley College M & O Warehouse Division

 "The most gratifying aspect of being a mentor is the impact that the mentee (student) has in your life. Our connection has gone past the program's timeline and continues to grow. I feel honored to be a mentor. "

Lila Franco - photo

- Lilia Franco, Victor Valley College Counselor

"As a counselor, I have a rewarding career to start with, but last semester was especially fulfilling since I was lucky enough to become a Puente mentor.  This is one of those decisions you will make that will undoubtedly add richness and purpose to your life, as well as to the lives of those students you mentor.  After all, anyone who has ever been successful has been the beneficiary of at least one mentor!  I, for one, have several mentors to thank for influencing my life in positive ways, and now I'm enjoying the chance to do that for someone else."

Mike McCracken - photo

- Mike McCracken, Victor Valley College Counselor

"Being a Puente Mentor was a rewarding experience. It gave me the opportunity to get to know students and their experiences as a VVC college student, serve as a role model, and allowed me to give back to my community. Being a mentor demonstrates that you care not only about the academic well being of a student, but that you care about their personal well-being as well, and want them to succeed and accomplish their goals. Equally important, it helped me learn a bit more about myself professionally and personally!"

Lorena Ochoa - photo

- Lorena Ochoa, Victor Valley College Counselor





For more information, please contact:
Lyman Insley, Puente Program Coordinator/Counselor
Counseling & Administration: Building #55, Room 9
Phone: (760) 245-4271, extension 2208



Last Updated 3/29/17