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How much of my time will it take?

We ask that you spend 4 hours a month with your mentee(s).  Your Puente Team will also keep you informed of any events or activities where you and your mentee(s) can participate in fun group activities with other mentors and mentees.  Time devoted to mentoring is a very important issue.  You must realistically assess the time you have during the month to devote to mentoring.

How long is the commitment?

As a mentor for the Puente Program, we ask that you commit yourself for a period of two consecutive semesters, beginning in the fall.  In the past many of our mentors have continued to work with students (unofficially) beyond the agreed commitment.

How is the matching done?

Your Puente Team will match you with a student according to similar background and interest. If for any reason the match is not compatible, we can partner you with a new mentee.  It is important that both the mentor and mente feel comfortable working with each other.

What kind of training am I provided?

Prior to meeting mentees, all new mentors participate in a seven hour training that covers topics such as relationship building, communication skills and multi-cultural diversity.

What happens if I can no longer be a mentor?

If you find that you can no longer continue mentoring, we ask that you inform the Puente Team as soon as possible. We also ask that you take the time to inform your mentee of the situation.  Students are aware that professionals lead busy lives. We are sure they will be grateful for any time you have spent with them.

For more information, please contact:
Lyman Insley, Puente Program Coordinator/Counselor
Counseling & Administration : Building # 55, Room9
Phone: (760) 245-4271, extension 2208

Information Line: (760) 245-4271, extension 2627


Last Updated 3/29/17