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"Puente to me is a life changing experience. It shows you responsibility and makes you a better student and also a better citizen. Being in Puente should not be a choice everyone should pass up. You get to meet new people and you make great teachers and counselors too. Mentors are the best part of the program. Your learn to grow along side someone who has gone through we community college students are going through. I do not regret being part of Puente because it has made a difference in my life."

Radel Aguinaga - photo

- Radel Aguinaga

"Success is reached through great effort and hard work. I believe that education is very important for my success which is why I plan to transfer.  I know that it's an area in my life where I will need a lot of help and support from people who care about my strive and want to see me reach my goals. This is why I am glad that I joined the Puente Program; The Puente program and its advisors have demonstrated their concern and dedication in being able to help me reach my goals, and because of this I am highly motivated to continue the challenges of education."


Kitcia Bodarth - photo

- Kitcia Bodarth


 "The Puente program has helped open up my eyes to the world of higher education and showed me that I can do anything and go anywhere with my life."



Anthony Martinez - photo

- Anthony Martinez



"The Puente Program is the key to success. You will excel in your reading and writing and become a 'master student.' Miss Johnson and Mrs. Solis are great instructors; they will always be there for you. This program is not only educational, it is also very fun. Having a mentor is a great experience. It's like having a best friend you can count on. Join the Puente Program and the Puente Club and you will be successful while at Victor Valley College and in the future."

Cindy Ortiz - photo

- Cindy Ortiz



"Puente is a program that opens many doors to a successful future through guidance and mentoring."

Rajeev Peterson - photo

- Rajeev Peterson



"Puente is a place to belong and to be accepted, a place to learn values, teamwork, dedication and hard work. It  is not only  a program to help students learn how to read and write, it is also a place to be leaders; to learn how to serve and to be good and responsible people."

Jaime Ruiz - photo

- Jaime Ruiz



"The Puente Program has great instruction from professors that want their students to succeed. When you come to them with a problem they will make time for you."

Vincent Turner - photo

- Vincent Turner


Information Line: (760) 245-4271, extension 2627





Last Updated: 3/24/16