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VVC Rambassadors

Our VVC Rambassadors assist local high schools with college-going efforts and activities, assist with VVC campus tours, liaison for high school students, and assist with campus events.

2018-2019 VVC Rambassadors: (Updating!) 




2017-2018 VVC Rambassadors:

VVC Ramabassadors_Group Pic VVC Rambassadors_Group Pic
Lorene Connors_Rambassador
Lorene Connors
Samantha Aguilar_Rambassador
Samantha Aguilar
Elizabeth Barron Torres_Rambassador
Elizabeth Barron Torres
Eduardo Gastelum_Rambassador
Eduardo Gastelum
Caitlin Goodman_Rambassador
Caitlin Goodman
Laura Mazaniegos
Laura Mazariegos
Cameron Gonzalez_Rambassador
Cameron Gonzalez
Desiree Alcaraz_Rambassador
Desiree Alcazar
Theresa Hargis_VVC Rambassador
Theresa Hargis
Daisy Herrera_VVC Rambassador
Daisy Herrera
James Evans_VVC Rambassador
James Evans
Guadalupe Palos



Last Updated 8/30/18